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How to Find HIGH-IMPACT Video and Blog Titles for Your Education Materials

How to Find HIGH-IMPACT Video and Blog Titles for Your Education Materials


Hey everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach and people… They keep writing to me and saying, What do I shoot a video on? What do I shoot or write a blog post about and things like that. And so, let me show you one of the easiest ways to figure out what people are already looking for in your town and what they’re asking. Because if we wanna provide clear high-quality education and information to our community to become the person they find, when they’re looking online for someone to take care of them, this is one of the ways we do it.

So I was speaking to someone at Google and they said, “Well, all the questions people ask, we already know what they are because we’re the largest search engine there is.” And that makes sense, right? So he said, “Give this a shot. Let’s see if this helps you.” So we come over here to our Google window and we’re gonna type in ‘Can chiropractic help me, right?’ Can chiropractic help me? And we just hit enter. Now look what comes up, right? Look what comes up over here. We have all of our listings, but look at this, people also ask, and right here are the top four questions that people are typing into the Google search box when they’re wondering about chiropractic, right?
Can chiropractic help headaches? Let’s find out what are the headlines we should use for our videos right here, how can chiropractors help headaches? Can a chiropractor help with headaches and dizziness? How do you make a tension headache go away? Can chiropractors help with sinus headaches?

Congratulations, you now have four blog posts or four videos that you have titles for.

So what else could we put in here? How about ‘Natural ways to fix back pain?’ And we scroll down past the ads. Don’t worry about who’s on page one. We’re coming straight over to here where it says, what helps back pain naturally? Don’t you think that sounds like a really good email subject line? How do you get rid of back pain fast? What can you do to relieve back pain? How can I permanently fix my back pain? What if we wanted to do something a little more controversial? Does chiropractic actually help? Well, do chiropractors really help? Is chiropractic scientifically proven? Do doctors recommend chiropractors? And do you really need a chiropractor? You see? And we can type almost anything in here.

You can tell when you’re on a bad headline because you don’t get the people also ask box. If we put in ‘Best chiropractor in Seattle?’ look no, oh, there it is. Look, is it better to get a massage or see a chiropractor? Can a chiropractor be your primary doctor? Is seeing a chiropractor worth it? And which chiropractic technique is the best?

Let’s see what they said. Ooh, Gonstead, Gonstead won this round, but you see, all we’re trying to do here is to figure out what is the best thing for us to title a video or put as a blog on a website so that people in our town when they feel a frustration or they feel some pain and they grab onto their little Google search that they find you, that’s what we’re going for.

So this is a little hack. It’s a little trick, but it works very well. And it came from close to the top of the food chain, you know, from someone who works at Google, who understand search a whole lot better than most.

All right, so use this trick. I do and we use it quite often and it works. All right, you’ll get high SEO value headlines because people are already looking for those questions. All right, I’ll talk to you soon. Go have a great week, bye-bye.

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