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How to End EVERY Workday for an Improved NEXT-Day

How to End EVERY Workday for an Improved NEXT-Day


Hey everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach, and have you ever worked out against a pacer?

You know in racing, they use a pace card to get everyone up to speed and in the gym, often times we can add a pacer to run against us on a treadmill or to cycle against us on a bike. And they run at whatever pace we tell them to and they never falter. Basically, they run or they bike at a perfect pace. So why does this matter for you and your practice? Because we can use this pace concept as an evaluation tool for how we’re performing.

Here’s a concept to consider, let’s say you arrive at the end of your day, look back and say, what happened today. Maybe you had a few appointments, maybe you had a few conversations, your staff surely had things that they accomplished. And all of that together has given you a feeling for how today went. You may feel good or you may feel a bit concerned, but nevertheless, you’re thinking about your performance.

The problem is, you don’t always have a standard that you’re measuring yourself against. So here’s a simple question that I want you to ask yourself at the end of each day, if my team and I were perfect today, what would’ve been different? Just that question, if we were perfect today, what would’ve been different, will allow us to make a list. And maybe your conversations would’ve been a little bit different, maybe your production would’ve been a little bit higher, your conversions or your education smoother.

This question is setting you up to measure yourself against a pace setter of perfect. Now, the beauty of this is that it opens your perspective on bettering yourself and your team and your results but you have to remember one key concept so this game does not drive you crazy.

You will rarely, if ever, really be perfect, but that’s also the blessing here. It keeps everyone focused on failing forward and bettering themselves and their work by at least 1% everyday.

So that’s that. You have three things to do everyday at the end of the day. First, check your day against what would’ve been a perfect day. Second, choose to turn the dial 1% in the right direction tomorrow. And third, remember to be grateful that you get to do what you do with some amazing people around you.

All right, so there’s the concept for today, set yourself a pace of perfect, knowing you may never get there but set that perfect pace so you can compare your own actions and continually strive for improvement.

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