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How to Earn Staff Loyalty

How to Earn Staff Loyalty


Would you like to have a super loyal team that takes a look at your chiropractic patients as their chiropractic patients? That takes a look at your practice like it’s their practice? Well in this short video I’ll talk to you about how to do that.

I was checking Facebook the other day and I noticed that there was a video about Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was in school as a young boy and was sent home with a sealed letter. His mother read the letter and Thomas wanted to know what the letter said. His mother told him that the letter said that Thomas was so smart and such a great kid that the school just couldn’t do him justice and that his family should figure out something else to do for his education because his talents would be wasted in that school.

Now later Thomas grew up to be, of course Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb and so many other things and just this genius. After his mother died he found the letter and he opened it up and here’s what he read. Something to the effect of Thomas is not very bright; he’s not a good student, we can’t help him. In fact he’s so dumb we’re going to kick him out of school. Wow.

What his mother chose to do was to see him as his potential. You know what, I believe that that’s a beautiful and wonderful lesson for us with the people that we work with. I don’t think anybody is ever going to come to work for you with the idea that they’re going to make your life difficult or problematic. They want to do well. I believe that everybody wants to do well in a position, that everybody wants to do their best work.

Now you might say, well you haven’t met some of the people that I’m hiring but you know what? I choose to believe that people come to work for me in the context of Sound Chiropractic or Five Star Management or New Patient Academy; they want to do stellar work. My job is to recruit them to the vision of not only our service to our clients and patients, but also to what they can be. I develop that individual and that person.

When I hire an associate, I have a program for developing that associate. I share the vision of a win-win relationship where they’re helping people, having fun, and making great money. When I bring on a CA, I want to make sure that they are developed in the success concepts and affirmations and goal setting that I believe everybody should be exposed to.

I believe that if you invest in your people in terms of training and seeing them for what they can be, that you will develop that loyalty in them that you give for them. A very, very smart man one time said to me, a man who really was a great disciple of men out of a Christian ministry, his name was Elvin Smith, he said, “If you want to get loyalty from your people, you have to give loyalty to your people.”

Here’s my encouragement for you as we’re ending up 2018 and we’re looking at 2019, is to see your team for their potential and what they could be. On a scale of 1-10 what could they be if they caught the vision, if they understood what chiropractic could do, if they caught your philosophy, and if they understood their goals, and if they understood what the practice context of working so hard, because we do work hard to help people, can do for their own spirit and for their own development.

So here’s my encouragement, like Thomas Edison’s mother, see the people that we’re working with for what they can be and help them live up to and into their potential. You know what? You’ll have people that will be loyal to you and who will love chiropractic, love your practice, and treat your patients in your practice like it’s theirs.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that works.

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