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How to Create What You Want

How to Create What You Want

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Hey docs it’s Noel here for Five Star management.

Here we are at Five Star and we’re mid-December 2016 and we’re firmly focused on 2017 and 2018, actually making hotel arrangements for ’18.

I want to ask you a question. Is 2016 ending up the way you want it to? Are you also excited about 2017? Do you have a clear picture of what you want to do and how you’re going to get to where you want to get to in 2017. Well, in this short video I’m going to share with you it’s a hack, it’s a trick, it’s a tool, it’s a secret, it’s a device that chiropractic professionals use in order to be able to create their best ever year in their mind first, so that they can create it in their life second.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about successful chiropractic’s is that they have a picture in their mind where they want to go and they go about to paint by the numbers to actually create the picture that’s already in their mind. So I’m going to give you a device that I have used for years with clients, with myself, with the Five Star Management Team so that we can know where we want to go in the coming year.

So, here’s the set up. You’re out doing some Christmas shopping and you turn the corner and there you are. You actually bump into you. Whoa wait, how is that possible? Well, this isn’t the you from right now dressed in the same coat, same haircut, and same glasses. This is you from the future. This is future Noel a year from now and what we are going to do in this very, very next segment is going to release your creative process so that you can engage your mind in successful thinking and successful action. Stay tuned.

It’s a little disconcerting isn’t it? You just got out of Franz Chocolate’s over here at the University Village here in Seattle and you bump into you, but it’s not now you it’s future you. The conversation might go like this, well wait a minute what’s going on here and the future you says, I’m you a year from now.

Now you might ask this question. Is this time travel? Is this sci-fi? What’s going on here? It’s a device, it’s a trick, hold on I’ll explain the whole thing. Future you says, how you doing? I’m just great and I say to future me, how about you? Oh wow it has been an incredible year! Really? Tell me how incredible? This is where the device kicks in.

Future you talks about the practice. How many regular patient visits. How many new patient visits.  What the collections are. What the teams like. What the marketing is like. What the systems like. What the day to day is. You go, whoa that’s absolutely great!

Now, what’s the next question? What’s the next question? How did we do that? When you get that how did we do that released inside your brain then you can go out and be creative with a step-by-step process. Well, I noticed that you lost that 5 pounds you were working on. What did you do? Well you know what my morning routine is a little bit different and future you talks to you about a morning routine that has to do with getting up early and having a little bit of food, maybe some protein, and heading off to the club before we start our day. Wow, that’s really great. How’s your family life. Whoa that’s great! How’s your health, how’s every single different aspect of your life?

Here’s my question for you. What would you have to hear from future you so that you would be delighted and impressed to meet your future you? Then we work backwards from that process to figure out what we need and it releases your creative juices, that creative process. It’s a trick, it’s a hack, it’s a cheat, it’s a device that successful people use and you know what it’s called? It’s called future hindsight. It’s a wonderful, wonderful device.

Now that’s one of the things that I’m going to take you through when we go through Making the Most Out of A Year: Finish the Year Before You Start 2017. So, we’re going to do that in just a couple days. In fact today’s Tuesday, we’re going to do that Thursday so in about 48 hours, a little bit more than 48 hours. We will be right in the middle of that webinar.

Now if you’re watching this video, register on the button below. Bring your team, download the workbook, and go through this process. Wouldn’t it be great to have your entire team creatively contributing, their minds engaged in how to make your practice great. We can do that.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, for chiropractor’s doing their best ever year after year after year and I know that works.


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