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How to Create Lifetime Patients

How to Create Lifetime Patients


Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Would you like to have more lifetime chiropractic patients? Yes, you would. These are people who are committed to chiropractic as well as to you and to your particular office, but if they left and went someplace else, they’d find a chiropractor and continue to be lifetime chiropractic patients. Well, in this short video I’m going to explain how I created literally hundreds of those.

So you may have heard me tell this story. I hired a public research firm, Hebert research, to find out where my lifetime chiropractic patients were. I had some, but I didn’t have enough. They interviewed former patients and current patients and came back with this great report. Well, I didn’t like what the great report said. The great report said that the people that I thought should be lifetime chiropractic patients didn’t know that they needed any more chiropractic. I thought how crazy is that!

What I did is I set out on a program to make sure that before people were done with relief, correction, and strengthening, I sat down and did a special second ROF. It didn’t take me much time at all, and I brought those people into a group and gave them an identity and I gave them an assignment and I gave them a schedule and I continued to reinforce all of those things.

I learned some tremendous things as a result of doing that plus built literally dozens, dozens, hundreds and hundreds of people who identified as a lifetime chiropractic patient. I’m going to share a couple things that I learned in the next segment.

What did I learn? One of the things that I learned is virtually every single person that I put in the wellness group that I constructed had great chiropractic results. They got under chiropractic care, the chiropractic program that they were in worked for them and so they became a believer. A believer in what? The chiropractic philosophy that we taught so carefully.

So number one great results, number two they understood the story, number three and this is kind of a surprising one, but maybe not so surprising once I explain it. Almost all of them had tried to quit at least once or twice. Well, what do you mean by that? Well, they started off in relief, correction, strengthening program and I also preached maintenance and wellness, but they would slip away for a while so I had to retrieve a good number of those people.

When they came back, I had a chance to tell them the story again and it made better sense to them because without chiropractic they weren’t doing as well as they wanted to. They almost had to do what kids do, which is to challenge the parental authority and I was the parent in this equation. They found out that hey, dad might not be so dumb after all.

We also did great customer service. We gave those people scheduling priority, we gave those people a special day where they could come in, mostly if they wanted to, and get right in and get right out and get the care that they needed. We took care of the relationship.

So, great results, we invited them into a great little group, we gave them an identity and an assignment and a schedule and then we also took care of those relationships. If they fell away or if they slipped away we’d check up on them. Not because we needed the numbers, but because we truly, truly cared about them. It’s going to be a combination of your philosophy, your great technique, your great customer service, and your great desire to build, what I think is the best part of what chiropractic has to offer, which is a wellness group.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management encouraging you to have a great wellness practice. Talk to you later, buh bye.


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