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How to Break the Glass Ceiling!

How to Break the Glass Ceiling!





Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Are you sick and tired of having your practice stuck at a particular level like there’s a glass ceiling holding you down? Every time you come up to that particular level you crash back down again.

Well, in this short video I’m going to share with you a diagnostic tool that’s going to find what that problem is and even better, put you on to some simple, easy solutions. This is how the best and brightest break through that glass ceiling.

So, you’re stuck. You do your 90 patient visits a week and that seems to be your cap and then you drop back down or it’s 135 or 178 or 225. You know for a fact that people using your technique, providing excellent, quality chiropractic care can do two or three times the patient visits that you do. What’s wrong with your practice?

I’m going to introduce you to this tool; I call it the capacity quiz. The capacity quiz is going test twelve different areas. We’re going to find specifically where the problem is and then show you how to do some easy fixes to break through that glass ceiling.

If your practices caps out at a particular level when you know people in your technique are seeing two, even three times the number of people you are and giving good chiropractic care. What’s wrong with you?

Well, that’s a great question! That’s why we have the capacity quiz. If you get stuck at a particular level, there’s some capacity that’s in trouble in your practice. There are twelve different areas here. You score this out and we find out where the problems are. Let me take you through three very common capacity issues.

Number three on this particular quiz. Treatment time: treatment time is short enough to reach your patient goals with relative ease. Now, 10 is good, yeah no problem. 1 is bad. Frequently CA’s will tell us that, “Dr. Lloyd, we can’t get new patients or regular visits in the practice because the doctor doesn’t run that efficiently.”

There are wonderful efficiency fixes that you can install in your practice like being able to do power hours where you’re seeing patients getting great chiropractic care, being very, very personal but also doing it at maximum capacity. I’ve seen doctors immediately add 60, 80 visits a week to their practice just by understanding some capacity fixes at time.

Now, another one is new patients. Some doctors think the only capacity issue they have is new patients. Well, what we do is we change out their marketing, give them systems that work to produce great new patients. Frequently it’s working with a COA, Community Outreach Assistant and we’ve got some COA’s that bring so many patients into our clients practices that they’re literally exploding. They get past that particular capacity problem.

Now, there’s another one called management ability. I have wonderful doctors who are great caregivers but they privately admit to me that they’re not that good at management.

Well, there are templates that you can slip into. There are systems that allow you to manage by checking the box, filling in the blank, running the very, very short meeting, setting up your relationship with your CA’s in the correct way, so you can get past your management capacity there.

Start to fix these capacity issues one at a time and you could go from 90 visits to 178. You go from 178 to 225 and then maybe it’s time to bring in an associate. You know, one of the smartest things that you can do is do a very, very thorough analysis of what your capacity issues are.

By the way, if you would like to work on your capacity. If you take a look at the bar underneath here or the button underneath here, click there, take a look at our live training that’s coming up where we actually go through capacity issues, we work on that glass ceiling that’s holding you down.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that that helps.


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