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How to Break the Glass Ceiling

How to Break the Glass Ceiling




This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

You’re a good chiropractor. You love chiropractic, you love your patients, but your practice seems to stall out at a particular level and you can’t get past it. It’s your glass ceiling. The practice grows, you get stressed, things fall apart, and then you go on this roller coaster again and again and again and again.

Well in this short video I’m going to teach you a strategy that I have literally taught to thousands of doctors that have allowed them to break through the glass ceiling and have sustained growth and success. I’ll share it in the next segment.

There isn’t a week that doesn’t go by that I don’t speak to a wonderful chiropractor someplace on the planet that’s suffering from glass ceiling syndrome. They can’t get up past their 100 visits, they can’t get up past their 180 visits, they can’t get up past whatever level it is and they’ve done it dozens of times.

In fact some doctors have actually given up and just think that’s who I am, that’s where I’m going to be. But they know that they’ve got friends or colleagues who use the same technique that see 2 or 3 times the patients that they do and they’ll ask me, “Noel, what’s wrong with me?”

Well there’s nothing wrong with them it’s just that the way that they’re doing it is all wrong. They need a different strategy. Let me explain. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything in a chiropractic office and there’s only 5 different types of interactions with your patients.

New patient day one, new patient day two, the returning visit and there are many of these but only one type of that type of visit, and then there’s the re-examination re-report visit, and then there’s the new patient orientation class visit. Those are the only 5 contacts that you have with your patients.

Now here’s where the strategy begins. You need to template and format each one of those types of visits to be smooth and synchronized and user friendly. Saying the right things, doing the right transitions so that when people come in they start at the top and it’s almost like they’re on a water slide. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. It works so well and the team works well together. Now that’s the next step.

Once you have these sequenced steps in your day one, your day two, returning visit, and the rest of those visits, then you practice those the way that dancers would practice a dance routine, the way that a golfer would practice his or her swing, the way that a gymnast would practice their return. Then what happens is that the patients become like the audience for the play.

They come in and we’ve had patients say in our clinics and our clients will report this, patients will say, “This runs so well it’s just like a Swiss watch. It’s so low stress.” That’s the way that you break through the glass ceiling.

Now, I’ve had doctors say, “Well Noel, what is the right way to do a day one? What is the right way to do a day two? What do you say when we’re talking about money? How do you handle appointments? How do you handle all of those different things? I’m not sure I know what I should be doing so that I can pick a checklist of things to practice with my team.”

Now that’s where I want to help you. I’m teaching a seminar, just taught one last week in Seattle and going to teach one in about 10 days in Chicago on the Foundation of Success. Here’s one of the things we’ll do. We’ll go through all the steps in a perfectly smooth, synchronized, low stress day one and all of the steps in a perfectly smooth, synchronized day two. We’ll handle the report of findings, we’ll handle finances, we’ll handle appointments, and we’ll handle all of those things.

I would love to see you break through your glass ceiling. It’s no fun to live there. It’s not fun to think that this is just my life and I have to be held down by a bunch of things that I don’t know. So take a look at the button over here on this side. It says that you can register for Five Star Management Foundation of Success coming up in Chicago on the end of this particular month.

Let’s get some new information. Let’s start to employ strategies that will help you break through that glass ceiling in 2017.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Chiropractors everywhere and I know this stuff works!



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