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How to Break Records When You’re on Vacation!

How to Break Records When You’re on Vacation!




So here’s the problem, you go on vacation. Maybe you take 3, 4 days off on a weekend. Chiropractors are pretty much the masters of the short, little vacations or you take a full week off, what happens to your numbers? They typically tank.

I’ve got an alternative to that. Why don’t you set a record in your absence? Here’s what I mean.

Years and years ago when I would leave the clinic, I finally discovered that this is something that I needed to do for my team. I would pick a record like a high patient visit day on Thursday or high new patients on a Friday and we would go after that record.

Now, I would be gone on vacation but starting 4 weeks prior to my vacation we would set up a target on that particular day to break that particular record and we’d have meetings. I’d have the project manager, usually an office manager or an associate, so that when you do this, so that when you go away on vacation, your team stays focused.

Don’t say anything silly, like I’ve heard myself say “Don’t let the place burn down and if it does burn down call me. On second thought, don’t call me.” That’s just terrible leadership and I just cringe when I think of the days that I’ve said that.

Now, we’ve got a project to break a record. We actually did over 2,000 patient visits in one week when I was 6,000 miles away in the South Pacific on a dive vacation. Virtually all of my new patient records, the 601 new patients in one month for our clinics, the 161 new patients in one month, opened up a brand new clinic, I had virtually no physical labor involved in any of those projects.

So, you can actually set records in your absence and you can teach your team that when you go on vacation they have their special projects. Oh and by the way when you beat those records, pick ones that you can hit, pick records that you can actually hit. When you beat those records celebrate with the team. Take everybody out to lunch, maybe give a little extra bonus money.

Teach your team to set records in your absence. When you do that, it’ll give you more freedom, it’ll give you better numbers, it’ll give you higher satisfaction with the practice, and not have everything just rest only on your shoulders. Teach your team to care about your best ever numbers and teach them to break them when you’re gone. They’ll be thrilled to do it.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that works.


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