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How to be a Five Star All-Star

How to be a Five Star All-Star

Hey, have you ever wondered how the Five Star all-stars got to be the all-stars, and I’m talking about my top producing clients? The ones that are helping more people, having more fun, making more money. Well in this short video? I’m going to give you a coaching technique that I’ll probably use with you and we’ll have a virtual coaching call right here.
So, here’s the setup, everybody wants to get the most out of their Five Star Management experience. You want to get the most out of Five Star for your time and your money and your team and there are people like all the Five Star all-stars who get the best out of Five Star and they do it year after year after year after year and many of those people become our Galaxy clients as well.
But how do they do it? So, let’s talk about a coaching call. We’re going to have a virtual coaching call right here. So, I sit down to my coaching chair and I take a look at my coaching calendar and I’ll take a look at the appointment I have and it’s an all-star and I’ll check my email and I’ll notice that on that email or all the call sheets the statistics I’m looking for. I’m going to get the clinic call sheet which has all the numbers. I’m going to get the clinic owners call sheet, it will have their specific numbers and then I’ll get each one for the associates as well and then everybody’s got their own wins, their own near-term goals, their own action steps. So, I review those and then I hop on the call.
I know what the issues are already, and we go to work, and we start firing away at all the different projects. First, we talk about the wins, then the near-term goals, and then the exciting things that are happening. Now, sometimes people get stuck. In fact, one of the reasons the people book coaching calls is they’re either out of projects or they’re stuck in a project and if we’re stuck in a project one of the things that I’ll do is give me three to five different pieces or steps that could be associated with this project. Now, I typically know the steps as well and maybe I’ll know steps that you don’t or I’ll be listening to this list and I’ll say which is the simplest one to do which is the easiest to do and we’ll go through that and they might pick one I think well, maybe this is a little bit easier now go do that and do that right now. See if you do that right now, you’ll take action and action brings clarity and clarity gets rid of being stuck.
So sometimes, you know problems they travel in packs and they work like a log Jam and then you get a little confused and you wonder what’s what you actually should do and there are times when I pick something that’s so, so menial, so pedestrian, so simple ‘Really, Noel, you think I should do that?”
Yeah, go do that and then get back to me. When I did that, I learned this and now I know which of the next projects to sequence through. So, the Five Star all-stars get there because they’re always taking action and frequently, people say I’ve got three or four different things I think I should do. I’ve already heard your answer and my head in your voice and I think I know what you’re going to say but I really just want to make sure that I’m headed off on the right track, which is the easiest to do- that. Okay, go do that. If that doesn’t work, get back in touch with me. Frequently, these are people who’ve double, triple, quadrupled their practices double, triple, quadrupled their new patients, added one, two, three very successful associates.
So, here’s how to be an all-star: Take all the different pieces of a project take the simplest one, the one that you know how to do and then go do that now when you get stuck you get in touch with me, send me an email, you send George an email, you send George a text, you hop on the phone you make a call.
So, let’s take this particular year to be the most action oriented, wonderful, compassionate chiropractors who love chiropractic, love people, love their practice, love their staff, just love the whole process.
This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, and I know that this is the way it works.

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