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How this man solved the new patient problem

How this man solved the new patient problem




Dr. Noel Lloyd: Good morning.

Dr. Patrick Lowe: Morning!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Tell the people who are watching this video what your name is.

Dr. Patrick Lowe: Patrick Lowe.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And Patrick you have been a Five Star Management client this time for how long now?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: Two years.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Two years and so you guys have had some big changes, some really fun changes happen in the last two years and that’s one of the reasons that we’re having this conversation. So what was the first big change that happened for you in your practice? 

Dr. Patrick Lowe: You know I got my head back on straight with what I want to do, with my practice philosophy, and what my vision was for moving ahead in the future.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: What type of changes did you make? I know that you signed up with The New Patient Academy. Was that a good experience for you?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: It was a great experience. We’ve added a COA. It took us a couple times to find the right one, but we found the right one and it’s really helped our practice grow. We’ve solved the new patient problem and now we’re just moving forward. 

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now that’s a real strong statement, “We’ve solved the new patient problem.” That’s the thing that plagues more chiropractors than anything else. When you say that, tell me what numbers go with solving the new patient problem. 

Dr. Patrick Lowe: We see on average 60 to 65 new patients a month.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And that’s a lot more than you used to?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: Right, right and it’s not up and down. It’s consistent. 

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So 60 to 65 new patients in a month can create an awful lot of patient visits and you had a real growth in the practice. How did you deal with that? How did we help you deal with that?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: Well, we strategized and Dr. Lloyd, you, helped me work out how to get more staff in, the right staff to put in at the right time and in the right place so that it’s cost effective and so it makes sense. We increased our capacity with that. We had troubles finding an associate so we used staff and trained them to do additional things. 

Dr. Noel Lloyd: You mentioned an associate. I know that you’ve got an associate, Dr. Ryan Bond, who’s with you. So adding an associate to your practice. What has that allowed you to do? 

Dr. Patrick Lowe: It allowed me to go to Hawaii with my wife for a seminar but we got to tack some days on in the beginning and enjoyed it. It’s allowed me to do other things and to actually build the practice and work on the practice, not just in the practice. 

Dr. Noel Lloyd: All of this should come with an increase in collected money. I mean if you’re helping more people, and you’re having more fun, it’s also good to make more money. Last year when all of these wonderful things started to happen, what was your increase over the previous year?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: $224,000.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: $224,000 increase, that’s wonderful!

Dr. Patrick Lowe: Yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So if somebody’s thinking about The New Patient Academy, what would you tell them?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: It’s a great program. You just have to trust the system to work because it seems to work.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: We also, you and I did some work together on how to find an associate, how to interview, how to launch, and how to train. If somebody’s interested in getting an associate what would you say about Five Star’s Win-Win Associate program?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: It’s just that, it’s a Win-Win. The doctors get the mentoring that they need and want. You know, everybody longs for a mentor. They tell you in college to get a mentor, but you don’t even know where to look. It gives them mentoring. They’re different people, they grow through the process, they’re not slaves. They grow and they change into the doctor that they wanted to be instead of the doctor that maybe life beat them down in to.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now looking forward to this year, here we are just in March, and then into the next years because of The New Patient Academy and what Five Star’s teaching you about associates, do you have a brighter picture of the future?

Dr. Patrick Lowe: Oh absolutely!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Great!


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