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How Smart People Get Stuck & How to Get UNSTUCK

How Smart People Get Stuck & How to Get UNSTUCK


Hey gang, it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd here for Five Star Management and I’ve got some real insight into, number 1 how people stay stuck and never get past a particular level and number 2 what to do about it. I’m going to share it with you in this very, very next segment.

I had a great call with a very, very smart, very, very successful chiropractor yesterday and twice he told me this, he said, “this is what I believe and I know it doesn’t work.”

Now, smart guy but he had a belief and he had a conception and he tried to make his belief and conception work a couple different times, maybe multiple different times and it didn’t work, but he still stuck in his belief. I think that one of the reasons that smart people, wonderful people, great chiropractors come up to a particular level of their own success and then don’t move on is because they have a belief even when they know it doesn’t work.

You’d think that people would swap out instantly anything that they tried and believed and didn’t work. “Oh that doesn’t work, so I don’t believe that anymore. “ Here’s one of the things I’ve found over a period of years. People don’t do what they want to do, they do what they know how to do. Every now and again our belief gets wrapped up with what we think should work and we know how to do that and we persist in that thinking that if we just try a little bit harder, but then it gets stressful and difficult.

Almost every single time there is a paradigm shift, there’s a breakthrough. Oh you mean I don’t have to do this hard difficult, obnoxious thing that I thought I had to do in order to be successful and that the way to be successful is super, super easy. It might be a lot of work, but it feels easy. It works better.

Now, how do you break past that? Well, one of the things that you do is that you pick out people that are doing the things that you really want to do and you associate with them. You listen to the message, you listen to their head, you listen to their heart and if it resonates with your guts then jump on with that group and go do what they want to do.

For instance, I was on a Galaxy call yesterday. Galaxy is my high achievers level in Five Star Management and 16 of the Galaxy people were there, not everybody could make the call. Every single person is in a best ever year. Every single person is collecting more money, is having more fun, and is helping more people, every single one, 100%.

Five Star Management people are adding associates, highest number of people achieving a million dollars in their practice that we’ve ever had, highest number of people doing cash that we’ve ever had, highest number of people hiring associates and doing well with their associates than we’ve ever had.

Maybe you’re stuck on the wrong side of some bad beliefs. Hang with people who are doing exactly what you want to do. Now this leads up to an invitation. We’ve got a live training that’s coming up in January. We’ve got one in Seattle and we’ve got one in Chicago. The information on that is on one side or the other. I don’t know where it is.   So it’s on a little box and you can click the box and come with us. We make it super, super affordable because we want you to see it we want you to hear about it. I want you to talk with the people at coffee. We provide coffee and we’re going to feed you a little continental breakfast and hey this Lloyd guy, this Birnbach guy, this is what they say, does it really work? Then you let them tell you their experience.

Let’s get you unstuck in 2018. Let’s make 2018 the most phenomenal year you’ve ever had in practice, the first of many, many best-ever years and it won’t be because you just worked harder than you’ve ever work, it’s going to be a paradigm shift.

There was a sign in a room I was meeting in and it said, don’t believe everything you think. Let that sink in. Don’t believe everything you think. That might be your breakthrough to getting unstuck.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and for you being unstuck in 2018.


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