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How I Doubled My Retention

How I Doubled My Retention




This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star management and in this short video I’m going to share with you how I doubled my patient retention from a PVA of 36 to a PVA of 72 and how I started to produce real lifetime chiropractic patients.

I had an absolutely wonderful practice; I was in love with it. I was seeing 500+ patient visits a week; I was having a ton of fun. I was successful in every measurement you could think of except for 1. That was the number of people that I felt were lifetime chiropractic patients.

Now, I looked around in the industry, chiropractic, and I didn’t find many answers that I was really happy with so I went outside the industry to a real public opinion research company. I hired to them to do a study. They studied former patients and current patients and they also had a control group that they spoke to.

They put together all this data. I got a book of data like this and then there’s the summary of the data. They opened the pages and they said, “People are absolutely crazy about your practice. They really, really like you but they don’t know that they need any more chiropractic care.”

Well, I was furious. I said, “That can’t be. Are you sure about your research methods?” The guy said, “Well yeah. We do this all of the time. That’s literally the answer.” I said, “Well that’s impossible because I tell them and them what I told them and then I tell them what I told them that I told them.” He said, “Now Dr. Lloyd don’t get angry at us. We’re just the messengers.”

Now, I had a choice and my choice was that I could have taken that information and I could have said, “These guys are crazy. They don’t know what they’re talking about.” Or I could say, “I’m going to change that.” That’s what I did.

I decided that I would sit down one-on-one with patients and I would take them through the process of getting it, understanding it, and committing to it. What I mean by it, is chiropractic as a lifestyle.

You see this chart right here? It’s called the Three Phases Chart. It’s literally hanging in more chiropractic offices around the world than any other educational chart short of a nerve chart or a skeleton. That is the chart that I wrote out by hand 480+ times. I developed a 1-page, 7-minute presentation that I use with that chart that I use to commit people to lifetime chiropractic care.

Now, I’ve got a seminar that’s coming up. It’s a retention seminar. In fact, you’ll notice right over there on the other side of the website that there’s a button where you can press the button and learn more about this retention seminar.

Here’s what I believe the most important journey that we can take as chiropractors is and that is taking patients who don’t know anything about chiropractic, introducing them to what we know about what is good & lovely & wonderful about chiropractic, and helping that patient make a commitment for themselves, for their families, and for their friends to be in spinal alignment free of subluxations for a lifetime. That’s the whole focus of this particular seminar.

Now, $49 per person. We’ve got CA training. We’ve got 200+ pages of notes. We’ve got 4 great speakers. I would ask you is there a better $49 that you can invest in your practice than to double your patient retention.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management inviting you to join us on a journey to better retention.




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