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How Associate Produces 40+ NP In 1 Month!

How Associate Produces 40+ NP In 1 Month!


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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to introduce to a young woman who will change your mind on associateships.

It’s a conversation I virtually have, every single week. Somebody calls me and explains to me why associateships don’t work. Now, I happen to know they do, especially if you do them the right way.

I’m going to introduce you to a young woman who was hired by a Five Star Management client, who had gone through our Win-Win Associate Development program, put her in our Associate Empowerment Project, and I want you to judge for yourself. At the end of the video I’ll come back and tell you how you can do the same.



Dr. Miranda Bunge: Hello.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Hello. Can you tell me your name please?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: I’m Dr. Miranda Bunge.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And Dr. Miranda Bunge, you are an associate doctor with which Five Star Management client?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Dr. Steven Jones.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: That’s in what city?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now is this your first associateship or did you have another one?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: I had a horrible one before Dr. Jones.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: You had a horrible one and so if that was horrible, it sounds like the one you’re in right now might be pretty good. 

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Yeah, it’s awesome. I love it.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And so tell me what’s so awesome about? Tell me why you like.

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Because Dr. Jones, he’s a great person, he’s with Five Star Management, and he’s guided me the whole entire way. I’ve known what to do since day one.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now if you know what to do, it might be that you’ve had a pretty good result. Can you tell me some of the things that you’ve done, like number of new patients that you’ve brought in, and number of visits that you’ve seen. You’ve been doing this associateship for how long?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Four months.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Four months. So, what’s your busiest week ever?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: 121 patient visits.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: 121 patient visits and how many new patients have you brought in in let’s say your busiest week or month?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Busiest month was November and I saw 42 new patients that month.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: 42 and if I understand things correctly, you produce those new patients?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Yes, I go out and market myself and I bring them in through the door. 

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, I’m curious now. 120+, 40+, what’s your best ever collections month?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: I hit $27K that month.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And if I understand things correctly, you got a great bonus? What was your total pay on that particular month?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Just under $7K.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, under $7K. If I take that times 12, that’s about $80K dollars a year, earning rate, and you’ve only been an associate in the program for four months. That’s a lot different than your last associateship!

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Yeah, a lot different!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, a lot of your training came from the AEP. Would you tell people what AEP stands for?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Associate Empowerment Project.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And what did we do? I run that program and you were part of that group, I think there were 8 of us in the group, is that right? What are some of the things that we did?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: We would go out, teach us how to market, how to talk to people, we would have self-help books to boost our confidence, set goals, visions, philosophy.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And some of the projects that you were assigned, you mentioned about going out and getting your own new patients. You didn’t do that in the old associateship that was so terrible, but you did that in this one. What did you think at first, “oh get my own new patients”?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: I was really nervous at first, I didn’t know what to do, what to say, but Five Star walked me through it.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And so now you’re producing new patients. Here we are, gone from 2015, we’re in 2016, first weekend of the New Year. What are your goals for this year? 

Dr. Miranda Bunge: I want to hit 150 patient visits a week steadily and I want to make about $100K a year.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: I think that is an absolutely great goal and more young Chiropractors should be doing exactly that. So lets say that somebody is thinking, first, about being an associate in a Five Star Management clinic, what would you tell them?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: I would tell them definitely go for it because Five Star knows what they’re doing. They’ll walk you through it and you’re going to succeed great.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And then the AEP, the Associate Empowerment Project, that 8 week course that you were involved in, the associate’s thinking about doing that, the clinic director’s thinking about putting their associate doctor in that, what would you tell them?

Dr. Miranda Bunge: I would say don’t think about it, just do it. It’s going to pay off in the end. You’re going to see all the results and success that I did. It’s going to be great, you won’t regret it at all.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, now you have the faith, confidence, and belief that everything you came to chiropractic for, to help people, to have fun, to be super, super successful, you can do that. I mean, I can tell by the way that you’re smiling and laughing.

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: I just wish you all the best. I am super impressed with your success. Dr. Jones, I know, thinks you’re absolutely great and thanks for giving us this interview.

Dr. Miranda Bunge: Thank you.

Post Interview:

Wasn’t that great? Strong, confident, successful, in bonus after only four months, and having great goals, even coming out of a bad associateship before she went into her Five Star Management Win-Win Development associateship.

Now, if you want to do the same thing, call me. Set up a short time for us to speak and I’ll explain how the program works. The number is right down here, give me a call at Five Star Management and I’ll talk to you about how you can get an associate and get similar results to Dr. Miranda and Dr. Steve.Talk to you later, buh bye.



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