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How 2018 Can Be Your Best Ever!

How 2018 Can Be Your Best Ever!


Hey docs it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star management and I’m looking up and foreword into 2018. I’ve got some super exciting things to share with you, which I’ll do in the very next segment.

So here’s why I’m looking up and foreword. In 2017, we had the highest number of best ever years for our clients and the highest number of first-time million dollar practices, more people, helping more people, having more fun, and making more money than ever before. More successful clinic directors, more successful associates, and more patients being served. Because of what we did in 2017, I’m super excited about 2018.

Now, how does this all start? How does a best ever year start? How does somebody going from less than a million to over a million? Where does it start? It starts with our Foundation of Success live training that we’re doing in Seattle and in Chicago and we’re doing that very, very soon. I want to invite you to come. If you’ve never been to a Five Star Management seminar this is a perfect time to start with us.

We’re going to talk about super powerful chiropractic philosophy that motivates chiropractors, CAs, associates, everybody! We’re going to talk about a practice vision that pulls you foreword. You can be more excited about your practice than you’ve ever been even if you’ve been in the practice for decades. Then we’re going to talk about specific action steps, goals, a solid day one, a solid day two, putting the team together, putting the foundation for lifetime care together for your patients. I want you to come and join us.

If you’ve never been to a Five Star Management seminar before, you can get a seat at the live training Foundations of Success in Seattle or Chicago, for only $49. It’s a great time to bring the whole team together. You can get everybody trained for less than $400 bucks.

So, here’s to your best ever year in 2018. I want you to join me. Click the button over here on my right and then you’ll get a chance to register right there and learn more about what we’re going to teach.

I’ll see you there! Talk to you later. Buh bye.

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