You can get the HELP you need, the FREEDOM you desire and the EXTRA INCOME you deserve in a Win-Win relationship with great, long-term profitable associates.

Dr. Noel Lloyd

Dr. George Birnbach

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Turn the $188K mistake into a million dollar practice.

Why the win win associate system outperforms the old model 10:1. 

Success with Five Star

Dr. Jamie Cramer
"I wanted to start a family, but was afraid of the impact to my practice. Dr. Lloyd's Win Win Associate program was a God send! I was able to have 2 great maternity leaves PLUS really great vacations AND have my practice grow. Every busy successful chiropractor needs to hear about Win Win Associates. And especially if you're thinking of having children."
Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter
“I’ve been with Five Star with Noel as my coach for over 20 years with last year being another best ever year. Dr. Lloyd helped me from practice launch, through 5 maternity leaves, hiring associates, and always willing to help me with any issue I had."
Dr. Brian Morris
“Five star has been an absolute game changer for our practice and our personal life. Our practice has grown, we've moved to a new building and everything has exploded big time. We have been so happy with all of the coaching with year by year record growth 7 years in a row!”

every success story ON THIS PAGE BEGAN with a phone call.

More Success With Five Star

Dr. Jamie Cramer
Dr. Steve Jones
Dr. Milo Thurber

What Associates Think of The Program

Dr. Mikala Booher
Dr. Tim Godek
Dr. Miranda Bunge

Success with Five star

"I had worked really hard but plateaued and hadn't made any progress for over a year. I joined Five Star and started to grow immediately. For the first time I had a plan and it was working. I double to 200 and then up to 300. That's where I added an associate and we went to 400 visits a week. Now we've hit 600 with a second associate. Plus I've had more time off than I ever could have imagined."

Dr. Steve Jones - Louisville, KY

“I first encountered Five Star when I was an associate where my clinic director used Dr. Lloyd's associate development system to help me. The whole system worked so well that when it was time for me to hire my own associates, I called Five Star. To no one's surprise, I got great advice on developing my own associate. He did so well we became business partners in the practice. Now we both work on developing other associates. What I learned at Five Star has allowed me to grow my practice beyond what I'd thought possible and have lots of time to spend with my family.”

Dr. Jeff Schels - Temple, TX

"After about 8 months of owning a solo practice, I signed up with Five Star. It's made a world of a difference in my life and my families life. We went from a mom and pop shop to having 17 employees, 3 doctors (and looking for another), multi-therapies, and doing over a million dollars. FSM has given me clarity in my practice, leadership skills, more time with my family and great money."

Dr. Milo Thurber - Kennewick, WA

“When we met, I was an independent contractor earning a percentage with a doc that had just informed me I had 30 days to get out of the practice. My wife, who was waiting tables, was 9 months pregnant and I had nowhere to practice. I called Noel and signed up. 90 days into it I saw 182 patients and I remember that was a big celebration point for us. Today, with Noel's associate training,  I have a strong multi-doctor clinic where we help a lot more people and are collecting excellent money.”

Dr. Roy Strickland - Meridian, ID