We help you GROW your chiropractic practice with WIN-WIN associates

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What if you could EXCEED your wildest goals?

And take your life and career to the NEXT LEVEL

Whether that involves…

  • Going on that long-overdue family vacation
  • Finding a newfound passion for your practice
  • Having your best year yet (on repeat)
  • Easing into a comfortable retirement
  • Serving more patients (without burning out)

(or all of the above)

What if you no longer had to put a cap on ANYTHING?

Because you’re growing rather than coasting.

Grow your practice with Five Star

Over the past 35 years, we have built a thriving community of new and seasoned chiropractors, and have helped them start, grow and scale the practice and lifestyle of their dreams.

Our proven WIN-WIN Associate Model has empowered thousands of inspiring practitioners to master the process of finding, hiring, onboarding AND LEADING associates for their own SUCCESSFUL ‘practice within a practice’.


"I wanted to start a family, but was afraid of the impact to my practice. Dr. Lloyd's Win Win Associate program was a God send! I was able to have 2 great maternity leaves PLUS really vacations AND have my practice grow. Every busy successful chiropractor needs to hear about Win Win Associates. And especially if you're thinking of having children."

Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter

“I’ve been with Five Star with Noel as my coach for over 20 years with last year being another best ever year. Dr. Lloyd helped me from practice launch, through 5 maternity leaves, hiring associates, and always willing to help me with any issue I had."

Dr. Brian Morris

“Five star has been an absolute game changer for our practice and our personal life. Our practice has grown, we've moved to a new building and everything has exploded big time. We have been so happy with all of the coaching with year by year record growth 7 years in a row!”

We’re Dr. Noel Lloyd and Dr. George Birnbach

with 86 years of professional success between us

ASSOCIATES have been the best move for our careers, lives, and bottom line.

As part of Five Star’s Win-Win Associate Model, we now empower chiropractors like you to achieve the same level of success.

We truly believe that you can build, grow and scale a SUCCESSFUL chiropractic practice.

It all comes down to individualized coaching, proven strategies, and an amazing support network of like-minded chiropractors all working towards the same goals.


successful clients


of profit-generating associates trained


successful practices built and sold


years clients stay with Five Star


practice owner & associate lives changed for the better

Dr. Steve Jones - Louisville, KY

"Five Star has been wonderful. We've grown by over 500% by adding 2 great associates PLUS I've had more free time off to enjoy my success than I had thought possible."

Dr. Pat Lowe - Louisville, KY

"The first thing Five Star helped me with was new patients, then hiring and developing my first associate, then my second, third, and fourth. We have experienced 500% growth with Five Star."

Drs. Pat and Dani Lin - Cedar Park, TX

"Five Star helped us open our practice right out of school. Doing what Noel taught us, we were busy and profitable in the very first month. In just a couple of years we've added a successful associate, bought our own building, and collected just shy of $1M."

Dr. Christy Flick - Plano, TX

"Five Star has taken my practice from stagnant and plateaued to constantly bringing in new patients and moving again so we can continue to see new patients. On top of that, I'm having fun in practice again. For that I am forever grateful."

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