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Highest Management LEVEL

Highest Management LEVEL


So I got asked a question the other day. What’s the highest level of management and what do you think your best management skill is? I was thrilled with the question, I hadn’t thought about it for a while. It’s what I call level 5 management and that’s being able to replicate your success in other people and of course that has to do with developing associates.

Now I’m going to give you two examples. There was a gentleman that I had spoke to, who had a large practice, very, very successful practice, had a lot of kids and was literally chained to the practice. He wanted to spend some time with his family, his girls (lots of girls) were growing up and he wasn’t getting the time with them that he wanted to. He had a choice to make. The choice was he could replicate himself and his success in somebody else who would be in the practice with him and help him take care of those patients so that he could have some free time, some extra income, and get some great help or he could be chained to the practice and only have him that the practice rests on.

Now, level 5 management tells you that you can replicate your success in someone else. Now for this particular guy, I believe ego got in the way. In other words, he was kind of proud of the fact that nobody could do what he could do. You know what I would rather be proud of and I’d like you to be proud of, is that all the success that you’ve spent so much money and so many years putting together can be replicated inside someone else.

So that you drive to the office, you pull into the parking lot, you see your associates car, the lights are on in the clinic, it’s dark out. Why’s my associate here so early? I walk in, I see two new patients sitting in the reception area filling out paperwork, my associates back working with another new patient and he says, “I had a great screening last night. I booked a bunch of new patients. These folks said that they could come in this morning, I thought what the heck, let’s get a jump on the week.” I love that! You know what, I’ve done that!

So there’s this process of replicating yourself, replicating your success in someone else in a business relationship that we call Win Win Associate Development. It’s fun to work with somebody like that. It becomes a next level, it becomes the game inside the game, it becomes super fulfilling to help somebody who appreciates the education, who appreciates the success, who wants to help people, wants to have fun, wants to make money themselves.

Now if you think that you’re the only one who can do what you can do, I would challenge that. I think the more valuable person on your team would be the person who can replicate their success in someone else.

So here we are at the end of 2017. Today’s the first day of December. We’re taking a look at 2018. I think the most valuable skill that you could attain is level 5 management. How to take someone else to not only reach your successful numbers, your best ever day, your best ever new patients, your best ever collection week, but actually surpass those.

I want to throw a big challenge at you; I know it’s true because I help people do this all the time. You can actually replicate your success in your team in such a way that they can break records without you actually being in the office. So just imagine that. Imagine what valuable skill that is so you can be on vacation and get a fax or an email or a text (back in the day it was a fax) and the information is, “Dr. Lloyd we broke our best ever week in practice when you’re 6,000 miles away in the South Pacific.

Now, I believe there are so many different facets to the value on level 5 management: replicating your success in other people. I can’t cover them in this short video. Take a look at some of the other videos on this page or on our YouTube page and see if it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for your success replicated in others in 2018 and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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