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Here’s the Question the Top Chiropractors Ask!

Here’s the Question the Top Chiropractors Ask!


Hey, this is Dr. George Birnbach and we are surrounded by information. We have phones, the internet, our computers. We have people asking us to look at different things or to do other things. And between blogs and books, Audible and everything else, we have access to more information than we could ever possibly need and oftentimes ever possibly want. Right now the scarce commodity is the ability to filter out all that information and to focus our attention. The ability to focus on things that truly matter with what’s going on for you, your practice, your life, your family, that is a skill set that needs to be honed. That’s a skillset that needs to be sharpened. And the way that I want to do that is by utilizing your values as the filter. Now, people aren’t don’t understand all the time what values are. They get confused. I’m going to try to make this really easy. Values, like honesty, integrity, self-reliance, kindness, values are the attributes of a character, of you, right? But the easiest way to understand what a value is, is to understand that a value is something that it really can’t be taken away from you.

It’s like the North Star. It’s a fixed point that we can use to navigate in the world we do. And if we talk about this, we can usually break an adult life into a few different areas. We can talk about your relationships, your family. We can talk about what your profession is, and we can talk about you as an individual, right? And looking at these three different areas, our values, if they’re honest, will usually permeate each of the three, but how do we, how do we use those in our life? Well, if we understand that values can’t be taken away from us and they’re supposed to be the filter with which we interact in the world, in order to be happy, in order to make ourselves proud. I want you to think about this one question. If you were looking at someone else who had the practice that you want to own, right? If you’re looking at the perfect practice in your mind, everything about it is exactly what you would like. How would the person who runs that practice spend their time today or tomorrow? If you’re looking at a wonderful family and you said, wow, I would love to have my family like that family. How is the person who is operating or planning for that family, how are they spending their time? So if kindness, if passion, if these are things that are values to you, how would someone who has the practice you want to own use those values right now or tonight or tomorrow to move that practice forward. If you can envision it, you can set up your schedule to plan time, to learn the skills about it, to read about it, right? If one of your values is to communicate chiropractic. Well, if someone had the value of communicating chiropractic, what actions would they be taking today? Tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, what would they be doing? What would they be putting on their calendar? You know, how you manage your time. The skill sets that you develop are a huge indicator of success in your life.

So if you value moving towards financial stability, how would someone who does that manage their money today? How would someone who does that plan their money tomorrow? You see what I mean? I want you to consider this because right now we see people getting stressed out and anxious because there’s such a flood of stuff in everyone’s life. But if you can identify your values, things that make up you, that no one can take away from you, that you get to use as your filter to interact with your life. How would someone who has those values act? And now you can set up yourself for success by scheduling those things into your day. So we can share chiropractic with patients because that’s something we value. We can communicate with our staff, with a grand vision, because it’s something that we value. And it’s something that we want to be part of. Just think about that question, take it anywhere in your life.

How would someone who has what you want to have, how would they act? How would they spend their time tomorrow? And then take a look at your own calendar and see if you’re doing the same thing. It might help you. My name is Dr. George Birnbach. Take this information, put it into your life. I bet it’s going to give you clarity. I bet you’re going to be happier because of it. And I even guarantee the statistics that you value are going to rise if you follow this advice. All right, I’ll talk to you soon.

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