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Here’s the ONE INGREDIENT of motivating your team (it isn’t bonus)

Here’s the ONE INGREDIENT of motivating your team (it isn’t bonus)


Hey everyone, this is Doctor George Birnbach. And I want to talk about why bonuses don’t actually motivate people. And this is really important to understand. All right, there is no such thing as a motivation spark. And it’s an incorrect assumption. It’s often made that, you know, my team’s not motivated, but if I give them a little kick or I give them a little bonus, or I put a little like sugar out there, then they’re going to become motivated. Motivation is the output of a successful action. You see, we start with learning a system or learning a skill, and then we do it and we see a result and that provides some motivation. And then when we get more success by that process, we get more motivation. That’s the actual motivation cycle.

It is keyed off of success, not a bonus or a promise of a gain, right? You actually have to experience the gain in order to get that. Jeff Hayden wrote a book called the motivation myth, and he believes that motivation is not the prerequisite to starting an empowered learning process. It’s instead the result of what usually begins as a small measurable success. This is why we have to focus on little statistics and leading statistics inside of an office. This is what I’m going to do to get a referral this week. And then as I do it, and I get that referral, I get motivated to do it again, right? Hayden, Jeff Hayden believes that there’s only one essential recipe that is needed for gaining motivation and that recipe involves, or that ingredient is success. So when you teach your staff to enjoy the small seemingly minor achievements, and we celebrate them because those achievements are in alignment with our yearly vision, our yearly goals or the phase of growth we’re in.

When we celebrate their little win. Hey, that’s really going to help us get our target. That’s really going to help move us forward. Hey, you really helped that associate grow his practice today. Great job, thank you so much for that work. When you celebrate the small achievements and link them in alignment with your bigger goals and your bigger vision, the people start to feel that motivation grow and it grows with every small success, and the more it becomes repeatable or predictable, the more motivated they are to do it. And during times like this, when things can be a little bit crazy, to keep that vision clear and have the practice moving forward, that is what’s going to create the motivated team that is celebrating each and every person’s wins along the way to a best ever clinic experience, okay?

So we do want to give them challenges, but we want to give them challenges on personal growth challenges on skills, challenges on systems that have a measurable return. And then we celebrate that win. Now, if in addition to that, you would like to offer a bonus. You know, you can do that, but don’t get caught up in thinking that the bonus is going to create the motivation. It just doesn’t. The bonus is created by small successes in the process of getting big successes, all right. My name’s Doctor George Birnbach. I’ll talk to you all real soon, bye bye.

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