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Handling Burnout

Handling Burnout

I hear all the time about burnout. People tell me that they’re burning out, or they’re almost burned out. Well, in this short video, I’m going to give you a great tool for avoiding burnout, and I’ll share it in the next segment.

So, what is it that happens in burnout? Burnout is when your outflow exceeds your inflow, or your income. You can burnout a bank account by spending more than you deposit. You can burn yourself out physically by just pushing past your capacity again and again and again and again, and in practice, burnout is a real tragedy, so the rule of 75 has really helped me handle that, make some great decisions, and I’m going to share that with you in this segment here.

All too often, I hear people tell me that they’re burned out or they’re burning out, and it’s typically somebody who hops on the phone with me and is seeking some help, or I’ll bump into them at a place that I’m speaking, and then walk up, and they look burned out. Well, burnout is when your emotional outflow exceeds your emotional income, but there’s all kinds of different burnouts. There could be emotional. There could be mental. There could be physical. There could be management burnout. You can have all kinds of burnouts, and that is when you’re just pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing with old antiquated systems that you need to change, or bringing different people in in order to give you some help, and that’s why I love the rule of 75. So, let me tell you about the rule of 75.

Let’s say that we’re running down at the Green Lake, which is a park here in Seattle with the Green Lake in it, and we’re running around the Green Lake on the jogging trail, and your heart rate is at 60%. You’re enjoying the day, you can enjoy the view, there are other joggers, and I’m next to you, and my heart rates at 95%. I’m not enjoying anything. I’m wondering, “When in the world is this going to be over?” My outflow is exceeding my income. I’m looking for a bench, maybe even an eight car. Now, I’m going to apply that to practice. Let’s say somebody comes to me, and they say, “I’m burned out.” Well, what do you think actually — “It’s just too hard,” and then I’ll ask, and typically ask you a question, “What’s the hardest part?” “Well, I always seem to run behind with patients and taking care of people and the demands,” and I say, “Well, slow down. Just tell me about how you take care of patients,” and typically, the patient protocol needs to be streamlined, and they need to understand that it’s emotionally okay.

In other words, people aren’t going to feel cheated if you just do what they need, which is chiropractic and chiropractic education. So, there are other burnout issues. People are burned out on marketing. Well, they’re no good at it, because they haven’t been trained to do it. They take a look at marketing as a necessary evil, or you might have to hire somebody to do your marketing for you. It’d be probably one of the best decisions that you could possibly make, and have the COA go out into the community and produce new patients so you don’t burnout, because your particular personality requires 95% of everything you have, and you still do a crappy job when you’re marketing.

There are other things with burnout, when you are beyond capacity. Now, I have a capacity quiz. It’s a special test that you as my clients, I ask my clients to fill it out for me. I ask you to request one if you’d like one, so send me an email at noel@myfivestar.com, and I’ll make sure that you get one of these capacity quizzes and give the capacity quiz to every single person on your team. Give them diplomatic community. Allow everybody to fill one of these out, and speak honestly, and then take a look at the one, two, three things that you find that is beyond your capacity right now, or were just not doing very well, and were blocked or clogged, and we’ll either streamline it, we’ll find somebody else to do that particular position in your office, or something.

We’ll make some changes so we can get past that, and you know what’ll happened? You’re not owned by that problem anymore. That’s what’ll happen, and your energy and your excitement, your emotional income, will just go sky high, so this is what I would encourage you to do.

Send an email to me at noel@myfivestar.com, and I’ll make sure that you get the capacity quiz, and then send it to me, and I’ll help you interpret it, so that you cannot get burned out.
Talk to you later. Bye-bye. See you.

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