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Guaranteed New Patient Success Strategy

Guaranteed New Patient Success Strategy



Hi, my name is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Get everything else right and get New Patients wrong, you’re going to struggle your entire time in practice.

Get everything else wrong, but get New Patients right, you’re going to have a tremendous practice.

It may not be fair, but it’s certainly true. New patients, new business, new people coming into the practice. Finding out about Chiropractic is the key to Chiropractic Practice Success. So whether you have been in practice for five days or five decades, and you don’t have the practice that you want…here is your number one question: What am I going to do, about my new patient skills? What am I going to do about my new patient programs? It is the thing that you need to be thinking about.

In this short video, I’m going to share with you a strategy that all the new patient pros understand and I’m talking about all the big guys and girls that really know how to get lots and lots of new patients.

AND a specific proprietary system that I have already taught to thousands of Chiropractors over the last 28 years, who are building huge practices as a result, so stay tuned!

You know, there’s a lot of hype about new patient programs in our profession. There’s a lot of crazy stuff that’s being taught that does not work. I’m going to show you a system that you can use to pick the program that’s going to work for your area, your practice, and your personality. We’re going to do that next.

I discovered the system for choosing new patient programs quite by accident. Here’s what I mean. I had a terrible accident that took me out of practice. I was badly injured in a ski fall. I had to choose programs to bring in new patients for my associates, so that I could build my practice and I did a good job at that.

So, I’m going to show you what I literally did on paper, as a way of mapping out my strategy and you can use the strategy as well. Now, let’s make a circle on a piece of paper right here. I’m on the white board, you do it on your paper.

Number one, we’ve got to choose a program that works. Now that may seem like a given, but there’s a lot of crazy stuff that’s being taught, that not only doesn’t work, but is extremely expensive. So, I help my clients pick through the stuff that works and the stuff that doesn’t work. You can frequently find out what works by finding out what the big guys do. And I’m talking about the people who produce huge numbers of new patients. So, number one, it’s gonna work.

Number two, it has to be time effective and money efficient. Time and money. So, I’ve got an intersection here in a simple two circle venn diagram. This is the stuff that works, this is the stuff that I have time to do, and can afford.

Well, there’s another circle and it’s an important one. And that is, we’re just going to put a smiley face inside this circle here-got some wild hair going on. That’s the stuff that I like to do. Not all people like to do the same things. Now, I’ve got an intersection and in this intersection, we’ll just make it kinda blue. This is what works, this is what I have time to do, this is what’s cost effective, this is what I like to do, and I like. I like it because I’ve got a different personality than the next guy down the street.

In this circle here, I’m going to look for 3 external programs. The place that they keep all the potential new patients is outside the office. If you’re inside the office, you’re a new patient or the UPS guy. Right? So 3 external programs. We are going to do what we call Chiropractic missionary work. We’re going to go out and find the lost.

BUT, we also want to do 3 internal programs. I will promise you, in this 6-pack (3 and 3 equals 6), you’re going to have 1 or 2 real strong external programs and they’ll produce beautifully. And you’ll have 1 or 2 real strong internal programs that will produce beautifully.

The external programs and internal programs together become your 6-pack. Now I’ve had doctors ask me, well how do I now, how do I learn, and I haven’t gotten any training on new patients in a long time.

Well, I want to invite you to join us. Up here in the right hand corner of our navigation menu on the website where you’re watching this video, it says “LIVE TRAINING.” The live training that’s coming up for us is called “Too Many New Patients.” There’s a great story on how the title came about, but I don’t have time to tell you here. I’ll tell you at the seminar, but go up and click on that button.

I’ve got another video on how I develop this whole system, I’ve got doctor’s testimonies, I’m showing you content that we’re teaching, and I want to invite you to spend one weekend. One weekend in producing for yourself your own 6-pack. So, if you have a 6-pack of new patients, 3 external programs, 3 internal programs, you’ll be set up to start to move your practice forward in a really really, really successful way.

It’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management; press the button right up there. It’s LIVE TRAINING in our navigation menu. Go over there now, take a look at the video that I’ve got on that particular page, take a look at some information about the seminar, press the registration button, plan to join us. The early bird special is still in effect. It’s very very easy to do, it’s a nominal cost.

Dr. Noel Lloyd, Five Star Management- I’ll see you at the seminar.

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