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Don’t usually write about frustrations, but everyone has them AND from frustration comes the creative energy that produces solutions. Virtually every modern convenience came about as a solution to a problem.

My frustration has to do with my computer skills. I use a web based program that allows me to deliver information automatically to friends, guests and clients. All they have to do is fill out the request form. Right? Wrong. The guy who’s operating the program has to know how to click the right button so the darn thing sends!

BUT, I got ahead of myself. I decided that I’d share my 7-Keys for Win-Win Associates a month ago and sat down to edit each into a useful mini-article. Since I write a regular column for The Chiropractic Journal and I’m used to writing that wasn’t suppose to be hard. HOWEVER, condensing these ideas and concepts is not easy. And since they are short, I continued to fuss with each one – fine tuning and tweaking each one until I “grounded” myself from any more changes. “Noel, back away from the computer! NOW!”

After that I need to load the articles into 7 templates, set up the sequence – more fine tuning – and put up the web form. DONE! Right? Wrong. There was this one little button that I forgot to push that would publish my articles to the web that I forgot to push.

Thirty doctors took me at my word, registered and got nothing. Grrrr. When I found out I lamented out loud “After all that work?” But another voice came in immediately “Hey, no feeling sorry for yourself, Noel. Just get it fixed!”

I’m smiling now. A nice young support guy spoke to me in calming and encouraging tones through the fix and NOW clients, friends and guests are literally “getting the message!”

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