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Great Mind Tool for a Successful Journey

Great Mind Tool for a Successful Journey


Hey, would you like to know how to make this journey more fun, how to make it more successful and how to have a better time in the process? Well, in this short video. I’m going to share exactly how to do that.

So, we’re on a journey and the journey is from not helping enough people to helping a lot more people. From not having a lot of fun to having a lot more fun. From not making as much money as we would like to making a lot of money and this whole process is the process of success and growth and personal development and in this short video i’m going to share one of the best mind tools that I’ve used with myself and with my clients that helped me stay focused to help more people, have more fun, make more money that I’ve ever shared and I think you’re really gonna like it.

So, I was talking to Zoe this morning and we were just having a little chat in the office as I showed up here on Friday and I said, you know, the chiropractic practice is like the gymnasium of the soul. You get a chance to work on every single character attribute that you never wanted to and so we talked a little bit about our gymnasium of the soul, which is Five Star Management, and by the way, it’s really interesting and fun to see how Zoe, almost three years in the position, has grown as a result of being in this gymnasium of the soul, but let me tell you how it applies to you in your chiropractic practice.

So, one character attribute is determination. I’m going to promise you that if you come from not being successful to being successful, that you’re going to have a lot more determination. Another character attributes that you’re working on is love, in other words, I’m going to love this process. I’m going to love my practice. I’m going to love my patients. Another character attribute is courage. Every single day, and I mean every single day I have choices to make choices to love, choices to be courageous, choices to be determined and not give up on the process. I mean that’s part of why I love this so much because in the chiropractic practice I have an absolutely wonderful reason to be my raison d’etre. I have a wonderful reason to be in that is chiropractic what it does for people. So that’s my reason to work out all these things. Have I started things that I wanted to give up on you? Bet your sweet life I have because the sledding was tough, and it was just it was difficult.

But you know what? I had a chance to work on my determination. Were there times when I wanted to chicken out? You bet, but I had to be courageous in order to be able to do this thing that was so important to me. Were there times when I needed to be kinder? Yeah, probably, yeah. Were there times that- and just think of all the different things that you get to work on and you wonder why-I mean boy, this is a hard workout and there are days when it is like that but then there’s this wonderful thing that happens and that’s one of the reason why we focus on the wins because I was courageous, because I was determined, and because I wouldn’t give up- we get wins. We got lots of new patients, we could let lots of regular visits. The team is being trained. The associate its hired, the associate breaks into profit, the associate makes bonus.
There was a young woman that I was interviewing. Her name is Dr. Natalie DaBrowny and
she was talking about this gymnasium of the soul that she was developed in with Dr. Jamie Cramer, and she was talking about that process that Jamie took her through, and she said I’m going to tear up. I thought why and the reason is because
all that she went through there was so meaningful to her and for her in the context of the chiropractic practice and the chiropractic principle and working shoulder-to-shoulder with Dr. Cramer. I mean, I’ve developed 70-plus associates. Many, many of them are still my friends. Some I can’t remember but many are still my friends because we were in the gymnasium of the soul together and when you are reaching in and you are finding the best that you have to bring, and you are bringing it forward. That place that you work out becomes this thing that you love.
Now, how do I use that? I think about it if I’m hitting a rough patch, if I’m having to push it, it feels like work, hey, it’s the gymnasium of the soul. I was working out this morning and the 15th repetition was a little heavy on a couple of those sets and I was glad when this workout was done this morning, but I’m also looking forward to the next one.

So, I hope it’s not rambling. I hope it makes sense. I hope that you can piece together your own character things that you’re working on in your practice.
This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, but I know that this is the way it works. See you later, bye bye.

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