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Great Habits, Great Life

Great Habits, Great Life

teamhands2“Great habits, great life.” That short truism was a pleasure to hear and meditate on. I liked it from the start, but thought it was too simple and maybe too easy to be useful. But I played with those four words in my mind, passing them through the mental filters I use to discern truth from error.

“Hmmm, let me think about this. Great dental habits mean great teeth. That’s true. And great workout and eating habits means great physique. Finally, great communication habits with my wife means a great marriage. Hey, I like this little truism!” NOW, how can I use this in my practice?

It would be perfectly true and perfectly useless to say “Great practice habits make a great practice.” The statement is too general and not connected to any specific action. Ah, but we’ll fix that!

How about a simple team building exercise that will take a lot of stress out of your practice and can easily become a habit. I call it the Morning Huddle. Here’s the set up:

“Ready, BREAK! Let’s GET ‘EM! Go TEAM!” You don’t need to be a sports fan to know that those simple phrases signal the end of a sports huddle. All team sports have them. You hear inspiring words from a leader, hands together in a pile, affirmation of commitment and HERE WE GO!

In contrast, imagine how a team feels when the coach arrives after the game starts? Without a huddle, demotivated players slowly amble on to the field just seconds before the game starts. No leadership, no game plan, no team work, no victory and no fun.

Here’s my recipe for a great Morning Huddle

  1. You get there early enough to survey the field (office).
  2. You gather the team (DCs and CAs) around the scheduler.
  3. From meeting to meeting you take turns leading in a group affirmation about health, service and chiropractic.
  4. Your front desk (quarterback) tells the team members what she’ll need from the team that day by going over the schedule.
  5. You pass out compliments on the previous day’s work to one or two select and hard working staff and before you know it – LET’S GIVE ‘EM HEALTH!

NOW, here’s the key and quite honestly the hard part: Whether you feel like it or not – you make it a habit to put yourself in the right frame of mind, pull together a great 3-5 minute huddle and pretty soon THAT great habit will make a great practice.

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Noel Lloyd

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