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Great Advice for BEST EVER YEAR in 2017!

Great Advice for BEST EVER YEAR in 2017!




Hey gang it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd here for Five Star Management and I’m in my suite here in Chicago and I’m getting ready for a live training that will happen tomorrow. It’s the Foundation of Success. Every time I do a live training, anytime I do a speaking event, anytime I do a seminar, I have to stand in front of the group knowing that this is the best I have to give, this is exactly what they need, and this is something that’s going to help people have their best ever year in practice.

One of the things I’ll talk about in my opening hour tomorrow is what I call the tri-fold objective. Now the tri-fold objective is in the title of my new book, The Chiropractors Guide: 56 Proven Ways to Help More People, Have More Fun, Make More Money. Three objectives, tri-fold and so I want to talk to you a little bit about that today in this segment.

Number one, we want to help people. As chiropractors we are caregivers. As chiropractors we have the most unique and wonderful care to give to connect someone’s body with the innate force that created that body in the first place by locating and removing subluxation.

What I want you to do is help as many people as your heart desires and your technique allows. Let me speak about that for a second. Your heart will desire to help more people if you have low stress procedures. Your heart will desire to help more people if you understand the uniqueness of chiropractic and how badly your patients need it and the community at large needs it.

Your heart should desire to be busy and busy days you have a ton of fun, but I’m going to balance that with technique allows. If you have a technique that requires 5, 6, 7, 8 minutes in order to deliver a great chiropractic adjustment. You are not going to cheat that technique. You’re not going to make it a 3, 4, 5 minute procedure when it requires maybe twice that because then you’re out of exchange. Then you are robbing the patient, robbing the technique, robbing chiropractic but you also rob yourself. So, as many people as my heart desires and my technique allows, number one.

Number two, I want to have a ton of fun. I can have a great time in my practice. A busy practice, talking to patients or getting better with chiropractic care, talking about chiropractic and the philosophy that is so attractive to me, working with a team that’s coordinated and helping me & other doctors on my team reach our objectives and we’re helping the CA’s reach their goals and their objectives. It’s fun to work together as a team, so you need to have fun as well.

Number three, make money. It has to be profitable. Now I want to speak to you about profit for a bit. If you’re not profitable you aren’t there next year. If you’ve got a weak business model that struggles and you’ve got a button on money where you don’t think that you’re worth it, it’s such a crime because then you struggle.

It’s got to do all three things. Number one help people. It’s a practice I would send my mom, I would send my wife, I would send my boys to, I would send my grandkids too. They do that quality of work.

Number two, fun. Great music, great laughter, interaction with patients, enjoying what I’m doing, looking forward to working with people, and by the way that doesn’t come by accident you have to work in order to put that procedure together, but you can have great fun.

Number three, with a reasonable cost of care, so that most anybody can afford what we can do, in a good business model we can make great money so that we can get out of all debt, so that we can have nice things, so that we have a business model that’s worthy of replication.

The tri-fold objective should guide you through your 2017 that way that I hope it does my Five Star Management clients. Help more people, have more fun, make more money.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for chiropractors doing their best ever year in practice year after year after year after year and I know this stuff works.

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