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Hey, I want to talk about sales and selling because most people, they’re not turned off by purchasing things. They’re turned off by the salesy behavior or the salesmanship of the pitch. And so, I just want to talk about the psychology of this for a second, because people have, for thousands of years, listened to stories and then acted upon the sale that came after those stories with enthusiasm. So why do patients not buy in to a report of findings? Or why do they not buy into working with you? Well, there are a few reasons, but the main reason is that the pitch comes across as one directional. It comes across as you trying to get money from someone for a thing that they’re not personally buying into yet. You see, humans have responded to storytelling for all of evolutionary history, and we’ve been passing down oral stories, oral history, and, you know, from paintings on cave walls, all the way through your last report of findings.

But when you want to nail your delivery, if you want to get the best relationship with a patient, you need to lean on the common love of stories, because that’s what people easily bond to, subconsciously bond to. And the stories, that yellow brick road in the future is far more memorable than any spinal models or facts or figures or data, bits and bites, you know. And so, to make a successful connection and conversion, it’s going to be a story that creates a unique relationship between you and the other people. So how do we do that? The first thing we do is we always give the north star an anchor. So we’re keeping the north star in front of them. That means that we’re always keeping the big picture in front of them, you know. What do we need to accomplish here? is a north star conversation. It’s we can’t leave you like this. We have to help you get your health back. That’s a north star. It’s a big general concept that should always be in front of them. Once you put the north star up there, whether it’s spinal measurements or, you know, having a good cervical curve or, you know, feeling good when you wake up in the morning, whatever that is, we anchor that north star and then we become the painkiller, right. This is where we need you to go.

But this is where you’re stuck right now. We are gonna give you the short-term solution to help you get past what’s holding you back so we can get you to our north star vision. Does that make sense? All right. Then we’re going to demonstrate our solution by using transparency language. First, we’re gonna do this, then we’re gonna do this, and then we’re gonna do that. So first we’re gonna get you out of pain, and we’re gonna do that by using these adjustments and these exercises. And then we’re gonna shift gears and we’re gonna get you stable by doing these adjustments and these exercises. You see? That’s your transformation statement. We’re gonna help you accomplish this by doing this in this easy way. That’s wowing them with your solution. So what do we have so far?

First, our north star. Are we painting the big picture of where we are and where we need to be? Is that anchored? Then, are we telling them we’re gonna help them with their immediate frustration, whether it’s migraines or posture or shoulder pain or back pain, whatever it is, we’re gonna help you get out of that. And the way we’re gonna do that is with this transparent solution. And then finally, we’re gonna anchor the emotions by using what’s called a silver bullet. A silver bullet will be a name for a thing, just like an LHR2 is a low impact, right, low impact, high result rehab program, right? That’s our silver bullet. No one else has it. You have it. You know, we’re gonna use this F3 model: form, function, and fuel. And by rebalancing that, we’re gonna get you to where you want to go, right? And then finally, we’re gonna paint the happily ever after model. When we finally graduate you onto a supportive program, we’re gonna look back at the journey we’re about to go on and be really proud of the results that we got. That’s what we do. Okay.

So to wrap it all up. If you want to get buy-in, if you want to get conversions easily and effortlessly, follow these pieces, the north star, the removal of the frustration, the transparency on the process, and then anchor it with the silver bullet that makes you specifically you. And that way, you’ll de-commoditize your practice. You won’t be like everyone else in your profession. And people will bond to you very, very easily. All right. My name is Dr. George Birnbach. Take this information, go use it to make the world a better place.

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