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Get 10X Value from LIVE TRAINING!

Get 10X Value from LIVE TRAINING!


Hey docs it’s Noel here and I’m in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. You heard me right and all the jokes have already been made so let’s go on to the subject.

I want to talk to you about getting prepared for the live training that’s coming up. We’ve got 2 simultaneous seminars at the LINQ, November 11 & 12 in Las Vegas right at the base of the Ferris wheel, the big wheel or what’s called the High Roller.

If you’re going to 0-200, get your team together, talk about what you want them to pull from the seminar. Tell them to take great notes, let them know that you’ll be de-briefing after the seminar. Tell everybody that they need to come away with 6, 8, 10, 12 different things that they want to apply. Plan for the training so that you get the most out of it.

If you’re coming to Win Win Associates, clinic director you come and bring your sharpest CA, bring your spouse if your spouse helps in the clinic. Get together, sharpen your win win vision so that you can develop great who associates who stay for a long, long time.

Now if you prepare for the live training you’ll have a much, much better experience and then if you de-brief afterwards and you solidify and crystalize all the different ideas and action steps that people are going to be writing down and taking during the seminar. It’s going to be so much more valuable for you.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Now, our room is almost full. We have a good number of guests that are coming. So we are really excited about this for a couple of different reasons. We only do this one time a year so please, please, please come to this if at all possible.

It’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, for you and your team breaking best ever records year after year.

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