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Get 10X More Value from Training

Get 10X More Value from Training



Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Every year, Chiropractors spend millions of dollars on coaching and training. Coaching for themselves, training for their associates and coaching there as well. And then also for the CA’s and it’s money well spent, or at least it can be. I’m going to give you my 3-point plan to get 10 times your money’s worth out of the training that you’re buying.

Here’s the set-up. Have you ever been concerned that you might not be getting the maximum value out of the training that you’re purchasing for yourself and your team?

For instance, you go to a training and somebody stays out too late, has a little bit too much fun, breaks the fun meter, and ends up hung over the next day and it crashes the team. Or you walk by one of your staff members in a session and they’re texting away like crazy instead of paying attention to the lecturer or when you get back, there are no notes and nobody knows what they went through.

In this short video, I’m going to give you my 3-point plan to take care of all of that and I’m going to handle that next.

So, here’s my 3-point plan for getting the most out of your training. Before you go, 3,4,5 days before you leave for the seminar, sit down and discuss the content of the seminar and ask each person what they need to get out of this seminar in order to have it a win-win training for you and for them. If I’m listening to what my front desk needs to get out of the seminar and I think there are a couple things that we’re going to cover in the seminar that I want that person to add to that list, I mention that, so we’re all in agreement about what we’re going to get from the seminar. That’s the pre-meeting.

I also have a pre-meeting conversation about activities and behavior that I expect. I want everybody to keep low and slow over the weekend, it’s a working weekend. We are probably going to have dinner together and maybe have a glass of wine, but I don’t want anyone out late at the bar so that they can’t function in the seminar. I also want people want to be on their best behavior and represent my team well. So step number 1 is the pre-meeting: what we’re going to get and how we’re going to act.

Step number 2, while you’re at the seminar, have you ever walked up behind somebody, who’s one of your staff people, and their notes are there and they’re blank and they’re texting on their phone with a significant other? That’s not what we’re going to do.

So here are my instructions, I want you to take great notes. I expect you to come away with 12 things that we should be doing in our clinic, mostly around your position, but if you’ve got some ideas that you think would help somebody else, you can write those down too. So you’ve gotta come back with some notes.

Number 2, I want you to pick out the people that are in the room that are the movers and shakers. I want you to talk with them and ask them what they’re doing in their clinic. Those relationships and those hall conversations are really, really valuable.

Number 3, I want you to ask some questions of the speaker. It’s good for the speaker, it’s good for you. If you’ve got questions, you’ve got to get them answered. So, while you’re at the seminar, I want you to take great notes, I want you to meet the movers and shakers, ask questions, and come back with a bunch of notes.

Step number 3 for me is we’re going to have a debriefing meeting. Now, you can do this debriefing meeting in the car. Let’s say you do a 2-3 hour drive from the seminar back to your clinic home town, you can go over your notes in the car at that point or you can have a meeting at your office, a regular office meeting and everybody has to bring what they have.

Now, this will happen and it’s fun what it does. Somebody has a great idea that works for them in their position and that spurs another great idea from another position so you collect all these action steps and it becomes a checklist for your clinic. Doctor you have to have yours, you lead by example, associates need to have theirs, they lead by example as well, and the CA’s they have their checklists, and then those become your marching orders.

So, you’re going to the training anyway, you’ve paid for the training. Do this simple 3-point plan. Number 1, do the pre-plan, what are you going to get, how are you going to act. Number 2, when you’re there, write down 12 things, make sure that you hook up with the movers and shakes and you guys talk, and ask questions of the instructor. Number 3, debrief. Make sure that everybody puts all their ideas into a pile and doctor you, with your staff, get to choose the ones that you’re going to implement.

Now, if you use my system, what’ll happen is it’ll make any training that you’re doing more profitable, you can get 10X the value out of it that you have in the past.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that will help.

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