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-Hey Greg, tell them who you are and where you practice.

-All right, hey I’m Doctor Gregg Gerstin, I practice at Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, Illinois, that just north of the city 20 miles. And I’ve been in practice here about 16 years and loving it, and helping people, changing people’s lives.

– Now there’s been some exciting things that have been happening in your practice over the last three months, we’ve just talked about that. Tell the people who are watching our video what’s been happening?

– Yeah over the last three months its really been awesome we ended up see our new patients enter into the practice take a big jump, we’ve gone from averaging somewhere around 20 to jumping up over 40 new patients per month. It’s really been great.

– Super, well you know I know that few things change the mood and attitude inside the practice like lots and lots of new patients. And one of the reasons, that that’s happen for you is the reason we’re on this video chat today, so tell the people what the major contributor to your new patients has been.

– Well we’ve been using the New Patient Academy, and that’s really helped me to develop a team member, my COA, and my community outreach manager, who whines up taking care of helping us go out into the community and introducing our practice and chiropractic and what we do, to so many people and what they help us with, is connecting with them and telling them a little bit of who we are and helping to schedule them for a appointments in our office. So that I can keep working in the office and caring for patients and they can continue to help our voice to continue out into the community, and let more people know about what we do, so we can help more people.

– Wow, that’s a very very good description, so let’s just go back before the New Patient Academy. Usually people make changes when they don’t like what they have. What did you have that you didn’t like that made you want to seek out New Patient Academy?

– Well one of the things that was a challenge was just connecting with people and finding patients and people who were wanting to come to our practice and wanting to get the help and work that we do. Um, for me we would wind up going on this roller coaster, where I would have tons of time to windup going out to do marketing, whatever it was and then I’d have a ton of people and patients come in to the office, but I need to care for them, so then our practice would not be out in the community getting as many new patients and I’d see our numbers kind of dip, not just in new people that were coming in, but the ones that we were caring for on a weekly basis and how we were producing and collecting in terms of overall care.

– So you mentioned the word roller coaster and I’ve see this happen so many times, if you have the time and you have the need your marketing and as soon as you get busy you’re not marketing and so the practice goes up and down, and up and down, then it gets a little tedious and difficult. So that was the thing that made you seek out the New Patient Academy, what did you find when you got in touch with the New Patient Academy and saw what the program was all about?

– Well what I found was um, a real system, method, a process, that I could wind up dropping into what we do, that could impower teach and help me with finding a person who wants to do this, who wants to go out all of the time and help people change their lives, help people through chiropractic and wants to wind up being a contributor and factor towards a bigger mission of helping change the lives of every member of our community. So, it really gave me the structure of how to attract that person, yeah and then also how to train that person and then also how to maximize that person to continue to allow them to grow and help more people.

– I love the way that you mention that some people, many doctors are surprised that a layman, somebody even without chiropractic training if they are properly trained can go out and produce new patients. Were you surprised to find that out?

– Yeah, I think I was, and it was hard for me to give it up right? I mean nobody can do it as good as I can right

– Right

– Yeah, nobody knows chiropractic the way we do it as good as I do, or can tell anyone, but what the system really helped me to do, is to learn to teach it to our team and learn to trust our team that once their taught, that they’re going to share the information and messages with the right heart and the right mind. And with the right mission.

– So, you mentioned that with what you found with the New Patient Academy was a system, can you think of maybe one or two of the different aspects of the system that we taught you. that helped you make this COA position work in your office?

– Yeah I mean, I mean it starts from the foundation in the beginning um you know having the guidance to find the right person, because there are some people that are going to be right and there are some people who not going to be right and being okay with that and being okay to continue to search and dig and find and turn, um throughout your community to find that person is really just the start and the information that you have, really helps with it and then having a model that provides for the success of that position cause there’s a lot of ways that is can be done poorly so it doesn’t windup support the community and also doesn’t windup supporting the practice so it’s got to work for both.

– Now one of the things you mentioned is that this person is out producing new patients and then you mentioned about kind of feeling well nobody can do it like I can do but is there an advance to you being able to stay in the office and take care of patients and have someone else in the community doing the marketing?

– 110 percent, I mean when I was hitting that roller coaster, it was me having to be in the practice just to care patients, that took me out of the community. Now with our Community outreach assistant, we went with having that person that is solely focused on being involved and active in the community. Local businesses ah community events, at everything that’s out there is representing us and our practice. I also find having someone who is not the doctor helps being able to talk at a person level, so they can windup up talking to someone as a person rather than a doctor.

– Right

– And sharing with them the opportunity.

– So, I think you have done a very very good job of explaining, can you think of maybe a way that you were supported by The New Patient Academy, because every program needs that some point in time that support or help. How has The New Patient Academy supported you?

– Well I mean you guys are always an email and phone call away. You always pick up whenever we have a question about something or whenever there winds up being turnover in the position because that does happen.

– Right

– Um just giving me the right steps to windup taking or notified about changes, um you also have great resources and get email contact back from you on and reports how our COA’s is doing, um you guys also give the top three COA reports throughout the United States and its really exciting when you see your team member up on the report multiple times in a month you know you are doing something right.

– Yeah, somebody’s is thinking about having a COA community outreach assistant, they might call it a PR CA or a marketing CA. In do that with the New Patient Academy what advice would you give them?

– I mean I think it’s kind of a no brainer, I think you just need to do it. Um for me its allowed for me to not only increase our practice in how were serving people but also provided me with more freedom. Um, to be able to enjoy my family, recently there were two big community events that we participated in and I’ve got a six and a three year old, yeah and they had carnival rides and fairs and all that kind of stuff and I got to actually go and just be a participant at those and my staff was actually shoeing me away from the table and booth, um, because they know they do a great job and they are Independent and they can do this without me being there and that I sometimes get in the way.

– Well that’s so much fun to be able to go to an event that you would have worked and you would have been early and you would have to stay late and been on your feet the entire time, but you come there and you see your team doing a good job booking new patients appointments I think it’s the most logical hire in all of Chiropractic is an external marketing person. Well commend your success, I thank you for the interview and um I’ll get a chance to see you later

– You got it thank you for everything you do.

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