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From 1 rented room to 2 clinics!

From 1 rented room to 2 clinics!




Dr. Natalie Cordova: My name is Dr. Natalie Cordova. I’m from Houston, Texas.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So Natalie, you and I met a long time ago but got reconnected about 7 years ago?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Yes.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: You had a different practice than you do right now.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: A little different.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Tell me a little bit about your practice model in those days.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: It wasn’t that totally different because we still had Five Star principals, right? We set it up, but I had taken a few years off and I wanted to get back into chiropractic so I went and knocked on a door and I was renting a room from a chiropractor. She had 3 rooms total and I took one of them. I would set appointments every 15 minutes for that room and I would do my three phases and do my NPOC and do all the things of Five Star but it was a very, very small, slower practice than what I have now.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, I want to talk about what you have now and then we’ll talk about the journey, so describe some of the records that you’re beating now and tell us how you’re doing it. 

Dr. Natalie Cordova: I have a wonderful clinic now. My husband and I practice together with both chiropractors. I do a lot of the new patients and the report of findings, day 1 and day 2. He sees a lot of the patients. So together he and I are closer to 200 a week, together. And then we have 2 associates that work with us. One is about 125 a week, the other one just hit 83, is a record for him and he’s been with us since the end of February.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So if I put that all together, that’s 400 visits a week under 1 roof. 

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Under 1 roof.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And you’re being rather modest. I know that you do most of the associate hiring and you lead a lot of the gross initiatives in your clinic. Am I right?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: I do, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: It’s called Core Chiropractic.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Core Chiropractic yes.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And we call that Core One now and why do we call it Core One?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Well we just opened up, 3 ½ months ago, Core Two and that’s core in the energy corridor, so it’s 10 miles away. Dr. Wafer had been with us for 4 years at the time and then came to us saying I’d like to continue to work for you guys, but I’m not wanting to be by myself, but I want to move 25 miles away. So, we said we’d split the distance, open a clinic for you, put you in there, and it has just been a dream. We opened it up middle of May. He started seeing patients and he, first week was at 50 a week and he continued to grow. He hit last week 122 I think if the numbers actually came in. We left before the final numbers, but he’s doing fabulous. He just continues to do the model that we had done at Core One and he’s doing that at Core Two. We share a COA, meaning I’m in charge of the COA and I lead her to do events for his office and for our office and then we just do the model of Five Star. We’re still training, we still meet once a week, and just continues to grow and thrive. 

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So you have two clinics and it sounds to me like aggregate seeing 500+ patient visits a week.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: We did hit it once; we hit 500 3 weeks ago.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: That’s great! Well you’ll blow that away in not too long.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now, let’s talk about the second office. The second office operating and paying staff, paying rent and everything it can be expensive. How much money did you have to go to your pocket for in the first month open in order to cover the overhead.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: I did break it down a little bit more specific and had been drawing out exactly what the numbers are. So May, he brought in $8,000 within those two weeks and then the next month, he brought in $11,000 and it cost me $12,000 to run that. So it was a little bit, but since then we’ve collected. We’re net $20,000 so I don’t want to give you specifics because I can mess up on numbers, but I do know that the net was $20,000 so overhead and what he’s brought in, I’ve netted $20,000.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Okay so netting $20,000 instead of having that cost you in first year, brand new clinic, I mean that’s tremendous. That’s admirable.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So now, that’s quite a jump. One room, one appointment every 15 minutes to now 2 clinics and you have yourself, your husband as practicing chiropractors and 2 associates in Core One, 1 doctor in Core Two. Five Stars’ been a big part of that.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: A big part of it yes, absolutely.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And so what are some of the parts we’ve been able to provide for you, give you the tools to do the things that you want to do.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Well, January’s always one of my favorite seminars, as it is yours I know. I enjoy writing down the goals and where we’re going to be in 5 years and where we’re going to be in 15 years and 20 years. That’s been huge just because I think you’ve led that vision of having multiple clinics and I’ve written that down. I could go back 20 years ago and see that I wanted multiple clinics but I never knew how to make that leap and until we were proposed that with the right situation with Dr. Wafer, I don’t think I could have done it without you and setting it up and just going okay “this is what we do, this how we do it…” You’ve helped me negotiate the leases and try to keep cost down. I think my tendency would be to spend much more money and be in much more debt and that’s not necessary. There are a lot of little things along the way that really has helped me and given me the confidence to make the right decisions.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So how do you use Five Star? You mentioned you like the January seminar because we’re going to set some goals, but what are the practical things? You’re at a live training now for retention, how do you use what we do either online or live?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: There’s so many ways. I don’t know that there’s a day that goes by that we don’t use a Five Star thing in someway. So we do our call sheets every Monday, we turn those in. I send my call sheets to you. On Tuesdays we do office meetings, everyday we do a mini-meeting and that’s also from Five Star. So we do mini-meetings before the first half of the day and we do another mini-meeting second half of the day. The whole team comes together, we get in front of the computer, we do a pow-wow of new patients, report of findings, what rooms gonna happen, who needs what so we’re all on the same page every single day and we have a unified team that works together. I do the office meetings for Core Two on Wednesday’s, I do DC trainings on Thursdays, my lead CA does the CA trainings on Thursdays and then we’re done at 1:00 on Fridays and we go home and play!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: I think that a busy successful chiropractor wants to do 3 things. They want help from their associates. Are you getting good, quality help from your associates?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: I get tremendous help and I get great feedback. We worked on Day 1 this Thursday. We had great feedback so Dr. Siegmund did the exam and consultation on our newest employee and he worked through the Five Star. At the end I critiqued him, I suggested this, this, and this. He embraced it so knowing that I need to continue to do that and it’s interesting because I do this all the time, we train every single week, but every week I’m like, “Don’t they know this by now?” But every time they still benefit. He still can benefit and get a little better. He’s a big golfer, so he understands that concept of continue to improve your game and not just being okay with a 90 or 80 score in golf. He wants that 78. Right? So that’s what we’re trying to do in our practice. Continue to go from a PVA of where we’re at to a little higher PVA, a little higher PVA and just having better retention, better quality patients, better testimonies, and having more fun!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Right. So, you’re getting more help, you’re getting more freedom. For instance, now it sounds like a lot of work but have you and Philip and your lovely 3 boys who are just great kids, have you guys had more time off?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: We’ve had more time off. We try to take about 4 weeks a year. We just went to Cost Rica in July and that was just wonderful.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: I know I saw that!

Dr. Natalie Cordova: We really enjoy our office, we enjoy our time off, we know that it’s in good hands when we are off and it doesn’t dip. Maybe a little bit dip, but our doctors are very similar to us and so they’re in good care. Unless it’s that very, very picky patient that doesn’t want anyone expect Dr. Cordova, they’re in good hands. The numbers stay steady and that’s very helpful for consistency.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: The numbers stay steady even when you leave?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Even when we leave.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Number 3, extra money.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Extra money.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Are you guys making extra money?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: We are making extra money and that’s fun.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Okay and you’ve got a big smile and I know that the money’s good. We won’t give the specifics, but you’re making a lot more money than you did just a few years ago.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Absolutely. 

Dr. Noel Lloyd: That’s great, that’s great. So somebody’s thinking about Five Star. They say, “I want what she’s got.” What would you tell them?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: I’d say “sign up! Sign up today.“

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Sign up, what’s wrong with you?

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Yeah well I’m thrilled with your journey and thrilled with watching. I’m not trying to flatter you, but I think that you have taken the Five Star material and you have applied it and you are serious about it and consequently you’re helping a lot more people, you’re having a lot more fun, and you’re making also great money and you’re making great chiropractors. There are a lot of people that would be thankful for the work that Dr. Natalie Cordova has done.

Dr. Natalie Cordova: Thank you!



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