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From 0 to 185 a week in 24-wks!

From 0 to 185 a week in 24-wks!



Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Would you like to be able to hire and launch a super successful associate?

Of course you would!

In this short video, I’m going to introduce you to a young man straight out of school, into an associateship, clinic director put him in an office by himself from 0 to 185 visits a week in 24 weeks! And, I’ll tell you how they did it.

You’d like to hire an associate because you’d like to get the help that you need, just the way that you want it, you’d like the freedom that a good associate can mean for you, and you’d like the extra income that you deserve.

I want you to listen to this 3-minute interview I did with Dr. Mike Jobe who’s working with one of our clients, Dr. Oakland Gaerke, in Indiana.

Oakland put him in a clinic in Muncie. They went from 0 to 185 visits a week and they did that in less than 6 months.

At the end of the interview, I will come back on the video and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do in order to do the same thing.


Dr. Noel Lloyd: Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd with Five Star Management. We are talking about associateships and this is Dr. Mike Jobe. Michael, so you’ve been an associate with Dr. Oakland Gaerke who has taken our associate training for how many months, how many years?

Dr. Mike Jobe: I believe he has been doing it for about a year now.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Okay and little bit longer with me, but how about with you? How long have you been working with Dr. Gaerke.

Dr. Mike Jobe: With me, I have been there since December as soon as I got out of Chiropractic school.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So a little bit less than a year?

Dr. Mike Jobe: About 6 months, yeah.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And so you trained at the main office in Portland and you trained inside the Five Star systems using our Day 1, our Day 2, learning to use the blue chart. Dr. Gaerke put you in an office in what town again?

Dr. Mike Jobe: We’re in Muncie Indiana.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And in Muncie Indiana, you have been there for how many months?

Dr. Mike Jobe: We just hit, I believe, our 6 months.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So in 6 months you’ve grown from 0, no patients what so ever, to what’s your busiest week in practice?

Dr. Mike Jobe: I believe we hit 185 about a month ago.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: About a month ago?

Dr. Mike Jobe: Yup.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, tell me and the people who are listening to this interview, what are some of the things in the Five Star Management associate program that you’ve enjoyed that helped you have such great success?

Dr. Mike Jobe: I think that the number one thing that truly helped me was the Day 1 and Day 2. The being on the script, being able to communicate with patients effectively, controlling those patients when they come in, not just allowing them to come in and do their willy-nilly thing, but really take control of the patient. I think that was one of the main things that I learned from going through the Five Star Management program. Plus with doing the blue chart with how you go through the phases of care, perfect!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Now, you’re in your own practice and you’ve been there for a few months now and you’ve already hit 185, 186 visits. That’s much, much bigger than the average practice in the country and considered a mature, large practice and you did it in less than a year. What were some of the things that you learned at Five Star or that Dr. Gaerke learned at Five Star in order to allow you guys to do that?

Dr. Mike Jobe: I believe it’s just sticking to a good system that works, proven systems, which is what Five Star does is what has got us from 0 to that 185 in a short amount of time.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: And you became an associate straight out of college.

Dr. Mike Jobe: Yes, I was straight out of Chiropractic school. I was an associate with Dr. Gaerke and we went from there.

Dr. Noel Lloyd: So, what would you say to somebody who is considering, first an associateship with Dr. Gaerke, number one, and number two, somebody who’s considering working with a Five Star Management client who has learned the Five Star Associate Development System? What would you say to that guy?

Dr. Mike Jobe: Do it!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Do it?

Dr. Mike Jobe: Do it. Be an associate. If not with Dr. Gaerke, with a good, established Chiropractor to learn the in and outs of the business and with the Five Star Management on top of it, that’s game for success right there!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Okay. So this is Dr. Lloyd for Five Star Management. If you want to help people, if you want to have fun, if you want to make good money then find a Five Star Associateship. I know that Dr. Gaerke is looking for another associateship because you guys are so busy, isn’t he?

Dr. Mike Jobe: Yes he is!

Dr. Noel Lloyd: Okay super! Thank you so much.

Post Interview:

Isn’t that great? You’ve got a great launch, you’ve got great numbers all because his clinic director studied a proven process that works again and again and again and again to launch their associates to their best work.

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This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know Win-Win Associates and 0 to 200 in Record Time! will really help.

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