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FREE Tool Tells You If You Are Associate Ready

FREE Tool Tells You If You Are Associate Ready


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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Just recently, I’ve been asked by a number of doctors, “I’m ready for an associate and what do I need to prepare for? I’d like the help, I’d like the extra freedom, I’d like the extra income.”

Well, in this short video I’m going to introduce you to a wonderful tool that will tell you if you’re associate ready and what to do in order to make your associate experience the best it can possibly be.

Jut recently, I have been asked to speak at several large webinars, for different companies, in order to serve their client base and their contact list with the subject of win-win associate development. Successful chiropractors need help.

You want help in your clinic in order to be able to handle your patients, you want the extra freedom that an associate can mean, and you want the extra income. It doesn’t make sense to have just one doctor support all those fixed costs, so let’s have two producing doctors.

Now, I did those webinars and I shared a tool that I’m going to share with you today, I call it the Associate Analyzer. It’s a great tool to tell you, number one, are you associate ready? Number two, what do you need to do in order to improve, or to change, or to switch out just a little bit in order to have a great associate experience? I’ll share that with you next.

Over a number of decades, I’ve helped so many doctors set up their associate in their associate program in their clinic so that they can bring on associates, develop great associates, and have wonderful long-term relationships. I’ve developed this diagnostic; I call it the Associate Analyzer.

There are 26 different things here. We rate this on a scale of 10, yes I do this all the time and I know it really, really well, to 0, I may have never even heard of it. You can use this tool to see number one, if you are associate ready and number two, what areas you need to work on to become associate ready. I am just going to cover a few of these.

Number one, I have a clear picture of all the benefits for the owner and the associate in a win-win associate program. Now, you want to have a win-win relationship. If you have long-term staff people that stay with you, front desk CA, billing CA, it’s because it’s a win-win relationship. If you have long-term patients stay with you, it’s because they embrace your vision and it’s a win-win relationship.

If you want to have a long-term associate, you need to have a win-win relationship. You need to understand the wins that are there for you and the wins that are there for the associate and frequently focus on those as you go forward. Very, very important. So, you would score yourself on a 0-10 scale there.

Number two, I understand the win-win associate formula, the components, and the process. This is like a recipe, putting different ingredients together in the right order. Remember 85% of associate relationships fail and they end on a sour note. This isn’t a given that it’s going to workout, you have to understand what the formula is. Now, if you don’t understand the formula and you give yourself a low number, you have to work on that part in order to be able to have a good relationship.

I’m going to go down to number twelve here. I can clearly explain the associate achievement scale, called The Stairway To Heaven. We have an associate scale called the Stairway to Heaven. Doctors have told me so many times that once they get an associate it’s hard to keep them motivated. Not if you understand how to motivate and the achievement scale is so clear there. It’s really, really good.

One on the back here is I know how to quick start an associate in 30-90 days. The number one reason associateships fail is because the associate isn’t successful in bringing in new patients, building and in adding to the clinic numbers. If you know how to quick start an associate, one of the things that you’ll find is that your associate program will work.

Now, this is 26 different things so you can score this out. Frequently I speak to people and we go over this if they have questions for me on this. This is the associate analyzer.

If you like the Associate Analyzer, there is a button right underneath this video, you can push that button, it’ll take you to a download, you can pick up the associate analyzer there.

Use it to figure out if you’re ready for an associate, number one, and number two, the things that you need to add to your list of skills, your knowledge, in order to make it a good relationship.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd, for Five Star Management and I know that helps.


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