Foundation of Success




This specific process (proven to work for the past 30 years) helps Chiropractors like you, grow your practice substantially in just 90 days.

(This is literally a “Successful Practice in a Box” – you get everything you need to create a solid foundation for your practice so you can reduce stress and staff turnover all while increasing your profits and patient satisfaction).

A Personal Message From Dr. Noel Lloyd:

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Live 2-day Seminar


You attend for JUST $49

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$274 VALUE



The 7 Steps To Success CD:

($99 Value)


The Five Most Exciting Things You’ll Ever Love About Chiropractic CD:

($99 Value)


The Three Phases Chart

($49 Value)



Here you get direct access to my 40+ years experience successfully opening 10 profitable offices of my own and helping thousands of other Chiropractors build highly profitable practices too.

The Live Training includes more than 12 hours of instruction, a full set of written notes (138 pages) PLUS a chance to discuss your personal practice with myself or Dr Birnbach (worth the cost of the training alone).

Bring 2 CA’s With You GUEST PASS

You can bring 2 additional staff with you to this training as our guests!

During this weekend seminar your CA’s will attend a full day breakout training session designed specifically for them and conducted by one of the nations leading CA trainers.

Having your staff come back from the seminar fired up and on purpose is worth the cost of attending… and it makes a huge difference to the rest of yourteam too!

  • Create your Personal Chiropractic Mission
  • Learn the 7 Steps to Practice Success (and get BIG results in as little as 30 days)
  • Discover the Success Psychology Tools you can use for as little as 8-12 minutes a day that will help you blow the doors off your previous “best-ever” year and take your practice to a whole new level
  • Understand how to create and set goals that challenge and inspire you to achieve your personal best
  • Finally get truly organized with these effective Time Management processes
  • Learn when, what, how and who to hire so you have a team that performs flawlessly
  • Discover the sure-fire way to convert prospects and the Day 1 and 2 protocols to retain more of those patients
  • Understand the 3 Phases of Care the underlying paradigm of care that will underpin your practice's success
  • Plus so much more, including how to train your CA's and an appointment process than can grow your practice by as much as 50% overnight

I've honed these Foundation Principles over the past 40 years of practice and seen them work time and time again... in my own practice and in thousands of my students' practices too.

Every successful practice starts with the foundations. Get those right and you are on your way to your best year ever.

It’s just like when you build a home. The mistakes you make in the foundations only get magnified (and harder to fix!) the more you build on top of those shaky footings.

And that’s why you really need the foundations of success in YOUR practice.

Because, remember, if the foundations are shaky, it doesn’t matter how much work you put into the surface stuff, you’ll always be plagued with the same issues time and time again.

Let me help you change all that. Join me at the Foundations of Success 2-Day Training – I’ll even guarantee your investment AND give you 2 Guest Passes for your staff.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

DR. NOEL LLOYD - Founder Of Five Star Management

We’ve helped thousands of doctors over the past 28 years grow their practices and their profits by harnessing the power of these proven Foundation Principles...

Five Star helped us add two Associates and Grow into a Thriving Million-Dollar Practice

“Using Five Star methods my husband and I we were breaking new records for client numbers and revenue – so much so, we added an associate.

Every step of the way Dr. Lloyd provided the training and the coaching we needed to literally take things to the next level…and I mean several times over!

Not too long ago we brought on another associate and between the four of us we have a thriving million-dollar practice.Now I spend most of my time managing staff and associates. I’ve become a serious student of all the Five Star procedures and each time I implement another one, we grow some more!”


We’re so confident you are going to LOVE what this seminar can do for your practice we’re giving you a 100%, no-loopholes, no-questions-asked, Money Back Guarantee!

100% No Questions Asked

Money Back Guarantee

Just try it out. And, if it doesn’t do everything I say and more, if you don’t help more people, have more fun and make more money than ever before, if it isn’t life-changing, if it doesn’t work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee and we can still part as friends.

You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose!


When you attend you'll receive these All-Important Bonuses

VALUED $247:


The 7 Steps To Success CD: ($99 Value)


The Five Most Exciting Things You’ll Ever Love About Chiropractic CD: ($99 Value)


Places Are Limited & Going Fast


Live 2-day Seminar plus all the supporting notes and materials you need to grow

your practice substantially in the next 90 days.

You and Your Team Attend for JUST $49 per person!

2-day Live Seminar

Here you get direct access to my 40+ years experience successfully operating 10 profitable offices – all 10 have already sold for cash. AND this isn’t ancient history, I’m still opening them today!

Over 138 Pages Of Notes And Materials

The Five Star notes are the best in the business. You will be able to recreate our procedures from the full set of notes and training you’ll receive.

Opportunity To Meet With Me Or Dr. Birnbach

This is your chance to discuss your personal practice with myself or Dr. Birnbach (worth the cost of thetraining alone).

Seattle- Jan 18-19

Chicago- Jan 11-12