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Focus Your Webpages for More New Patients

Focus Your Webpages for More New Patients


All right hey everyone, my name is Dr. George Birnbach and I wanna talk to you about why websites don’t convert. Just a little bit of this as we dig into why do people show up? Why do the numbers on Google analytics look so good but yet we’re still not getting that phone call. That’s because there is a purpose of every page. Now, if you set up your website to be just a collection of landing pages for each focused on a different area, that’s not a bad way to go, but each page has a different focus to the reader. Let me show you what we’re talking about.

When we get into lead generation we know that we put a lot of time, money, energy and effort into getting people to the website. So we send out Facebook ads, Google ads, emails text messages, and then people come to see us they come onto our website domain. But each page has to satisfy a certain question in the viewer, right in that reader, in order to make a real impact and an emotional connection so that you can go from a connection to a conversion. On your homepage usually people don’t know you, right? Unless they’re just showing up at your website to get a phone number or an email address, or an actual address a brick and mortar address they’re showing up because they’re a stranger, there in this stage of a stranger. And they’re saying, all right, what’s this person all about? What’s this clinic about? That question has to be answered quickly.

Usually with empathy and authority statement like, hi, my name’s Dr. George Birnbach I’ve been doing this work for 23 years and we help people with chronic symptoms, get rid of those chronic symptoms and live a truly wonderful life free of pain and experiencing all that life has to offer, right? Empathy and authority statement. I’ve been doing it for this long, and this is what we do. But then if they get curious they usually go to the about page. The top two conversion pages that we’re seeing is the homepage and the about page. So what’s going on on that about page? Well, now they’re kinda look around can I trust you? They wanna know who are you? And you’ve gotta be able to keep them with a headline but then tell them your story. Tell them, hi this is who we are, this is how we became us, this is what our values are what our visions are, what our path is and that really matters.

When we get into other pages on a website, they are less important. Although they are very valuable for other areas like for SEO, we do a lot of SEO work on the blog pages. These are your thoughts, these are your teachings, these are your musings. And if someone goes to a blog page it’s because they’re going to read something they don’t go just to check it out. They wanna read the headlines and the head headlines and the first paragraph of an article matter almost as much if not more than the entirety of the article. You see your blogs are about readers and they’re gonna say, does this stuff make sense to me?

We’re trying to get them to go from emotion to logic, that curiosity of you know what? This looks like, something I should do maybe I should do this, maybe I should look into this. All right, if we have a subscription page, every bit of text on there should just be to get them to exchange an email address for something of perceived value. If we have a thank you page, we want them to feel valuable. You know what, I feel recognized, appreciated and approved of. If we have a membership page, hey this is something I wanna share with other people I’m buying in I’d like to share that opportunity to get involved with other people.

Remember that the easiest time to ask for a referral is when someone is committing to a program or writing you a check. Because they’re buying in it’s easy for them to validate in their own mind and their own heart, why they should share that information. And then finally, if you are selling anything on a website whether it’s an appointment, a supplement a pillow, an idea, a book. The whole page is set up on a problem solution validation call to action model so people can see that they really should buy this. Most websites don’t convert, not because they’re not pretty not because they’re not attractive.

Those can hinder people, create distractions but most websites aren’t creating conversions because the focus of the page isn’t accomplishing the task at hand. So take a look at your own page and let’s take a look all right, let’s see if we can improve it together. All right give us a call we’d love to help, bye, bye.

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