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Fill Your Clinic With The Best Patients

Fill Your Clinic With The Best Patients


Would you like to fill your practice with patients who get it? And I mean they get Chiropractic and they understand it like you do. Well in this short video I’m going to give you a strategy for filling your practice with the best people on the planet.

It was Tuesday’s for me, that was the best day in practice because I had 60, 80, sometimes there were 100 people that I would see on a Tuesday that got it. Now here’s what happened. I explained chiropractic to people who were going through relief, correction, strengthening programs and I recruited them to a wellness program. We actually had the equivalent of a second report of findings, didn’t take a lot of time.

Those were the people that were getting great results; they were faithful in their care, they’re patients that I wanted to recruit to a wellness program. We’d sit down and we’d have this great conversation and we’d map out what we were going to do and they would sign up and be committed.

The first place we’d put those people was Tuesday. Well Tuesday got to be crowded and I just looked forward to that day because I would go in adjustment after adjustment after adjustment with people in wellness programs that got chiropractic the way that I do.

Now, I’m going to teach exactly how to do that. I’ll show you the scripts, I’ll show you all the information that you need in order to start your own wellness program so you can start populating different days in your office. I like Tuesday because it’s the most stable day in the practice, right? No 3-day weekends bump it around that much.

I’m going to do that in Chicago, I’m going to do that in Seattle and I’m going to do that in September. We’re in the last day of August right now, so tomorrow’s September. In a couple weeks Chicago, 4 weeks in Seattle and I’ve got a special guest that’s going to be joining us, Chris Burfield.

Love Chris. He’s a great guy, knows a ton about Facebook, he’s going to be teaching his program on how you can become an expert at spreading Chiropractic propaganda in your community and get the truth out about Chiropractic. George is going to speak, Phyllis is going to train the CAs, we’re going to have a great time.

Why don’t you come and join us? You can get a seat in one of my seminars for only $49. I want you to come, I want you to meet us, I want you to experience my clients, people that I’m just crazy about. I’m sharing this with clients and with our VIP friends, people who are on our mailing list and hopefully people who end up on Facebook seeing our blog.

There’s a button someplace on this page that you can sign up for our retention intensive. It’s going to be in Chicago, it’s going to be in Seattle, pick the right dates, show up, bring your team, only $49 a chair.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for better retention, for you and for your patients, and for Chiropractic.

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