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Fastest Way To Make 2017 Your Best Ever Year

Fastest Way To Make 2017 Your Best Ever Year



Hi doc it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to share with you why most Five Star Management clients do their best ever year, year after year, after year as a Five Star Management client. You won’t want to miss this.

So we’ve just gotten our statistics for the end of the year and most of our clients report to us on a regular basis how they’re doing and we measure and we check. Where did they start, where are they now? The vast majority of Five Star Management clients do their best ever years in practice while they’re with Five Star and I’ll tell you one of the reasons is that we focus on New Patients.

Now, just coming up in a couple weeks is our live training entitled Too Many New Patients! and we will focus on external programs and internal programs. We’ll talk about how to develop a marketing CA, somebody who will go out into the community while you’re back in the practice taking care of patients and produce new patients for you while you stay in the clinic. It’s just a wonderful position and I’m going to talk to people about how to develop that.

We’re also going to do a breakout session where we’ll train CA’s how to produce new patients while we’re back taking care of regular patients. So the whole seminar is focused on new patient training and I want to invite you.

You can come and be with us for only $99. Now this is a $795 seminar. We’ve discounted it in the past to $295, but we’re going to take the price all the way down to $99. Wouldn’t it be great to have so many new patients that you walk in one day and you’re actually a little bit nervous about whether you’ll be able to handle them all or to be able to build a true waiting list practice because you have so many new patients.

So come with us, work with us. You’ll get 200+ pages of great notes, you’ll great teachers in Dr. George Birnbach, Dr. Leah Meadows, myself, and Phyllis Frase is going to teach your CA’s. We’re going to have a ton of fun and we’ll learn how to produce New Patients.

If you want to have your best ever year in practice, join us. So take a look at the button, it’s over here on the right hand side and click the button and register. Be with us in Chicago or in Seattle.

Let’s get Too Many New Patients!


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