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Fastest Way, Shortest Distance, Best Result

Fastest Way, Shortest Distance, Best Result


Every single one of us wants to be a success. There have been literally thousands, if not millions of books, ted talks, lectures. In fact Five Star Management exists is so that you can have success. I believe there is one overriding factor in every single success story that’s so important and sometimes we shy away from it, but I’m going to cover it in the very next segment.

The alarm went off this morning at 4:10 and I was out to dinner with George last night. Came home and watched a little bit of television and got to bed a little bit later than my usual 9, 9:30 so 4:10 came really early. I thought, I don’t want to get up and I reflexively said to myself, “that’s okay you don’t have to want to.”

I got up, came down, coffee, eggs, kind of dropped in my routine and in a few minutes I was past my reluctance. Went to the club today, seemed like the cardio was about like it usually is, the push-ups were a little harder to get, everything was just a little tiny bit harder today.

I think the overriding secret to every success story I’ve ever heard or I’ve ever seen has been the fact that there is hard work. I love Steve Jobs quote about if you’re working something you really care about, something that excites you, the vision pulls you, you don’t have to be pushed but every single one of us is going to get to the point, at some point, where the work is hard.

Do not take a roadblock, do not take a rough patch, and do not take setbacks, as a signal that maybe God is telling you this is not the direction that you should be going. Now you’ve heard the phrase, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I really believe that that’s true and I just want to encourage you to do the work.

Yesterday, I sat down with a brand new project, something I’ve never done before and it was hard. I didn’t like it, but I had a conversation with myself, “It’s okay Noel, you don’t have to like it, you just need to do it.”

Take a look at all of your dreams; take a look at the path that you need to go through. Seth Godin might talk about the hard stuff that we go through on the way to those dreams as the dip. It’s learning how to scuba dive before you can take that beautiful scuba diving trip, it’s learning how to correctly pilot an airplane so you don’t kill yourself and your family while flying around in an airplane, it’s learning how to market, it’s learning how to manage a team.

Well Noel it’s just hard. Yeah I get that it’s hard, I get it, but you cannot get the result if you aren’t willing to do the hard work. If hard work for you signals the fact that you’ve got to take a left turn or a right turn, a stop or turn back or retreat, you’re never going to get there. So to expect it to be easy is a colossal error.

This is Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and for every single one of you doing his or her best work and doing the hard work because that’s the way to your dreams. Talk to you later, buh bye.

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