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Fast and Easy New Patient Referrals

Fast and Easy New Patient Referrals


Have you ever wondered how some people can implement what they learn at a live training so quickly? Well, in this short video I’m going to share a good strategy for you to take what you learned in the Too Many New Patients live training with Five Star Management and implement it as quickly as possible.

So here we are, we’re just a couple days after our Chicago seminar and a couple weeks after our Seattle seminar on Too Many New Patients. I saw people taking notes like crazy. At the end of the seminar we talked about commitment to different procedures and things that you’re going to do and I know what happens. 40 hours of chiropractic hits you square in the kisser as soon as you return to the office. Plus you’ve got family obligations and what was super clear for you at the seminar may not be as clear as you’d like it to be now.

This is what I would do. If I were in a chiropractic office today, I would work on getting testimonies and sharing testimonies. It brings the energy up, it helps your patient understand how they can share their story with friends and coworkers and family members that produce referrals. It gets the energy of the CAs up and people hear the testimonies being shared in the office and they always like that.

I’m back taking care of my patient. My patient lets me know in someway that they’re doing better.

“Doc, I haven’t had a headache in 17 days. That’s as long as I’ve gone in 2 years.”

“Hey that’s great! Other than the pain, and I know that’s huge, how is your life better as a result of your chiropractic care?”

“Well you know what? I couldn’t read because I would put my glasses on, I’d start to get a headache so I’d have to take my glasses off and I couldn’t read. I love to read. Now I can read!”

“That’s just great. Your pain is gone and you can read. Come with me.”

I take that patient up to the front desk and say, “Mandy here loves these stories that I get to hear all day. Would you tell her how your life is better as a result of your chiropractic care?” Patients sitting in reception.

So, day after day you pick people out of your office who are feeling really well as a result of chiropractic care, there’s lots of those. March them up front and specific patients you might also get them to give you a 5-star review, like we taught at the seminar, or you might ask your CA, who we taught at the seminar, to be able to interview somebody and actually write a testimony up and then get their picture and post it on your wall or post it in testimony books or do video testimonies. So do testimonies.

Testimonies are absolutely wonderful. There isn’t anybody that ends up in a chiropractic office that doesn’t at some point in time hear a positive testimony. We want to teach our patients to testify inside the office and let them know how important it is for them to share their story.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for chiropractors implementing the things that they learned at our live training and getting lots and lots and lots of new patients and having the fun of hearing those wonderful chiropractic testimonies.

Talk to you later guys, buh bye.

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