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Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You Trust?

helping_handI’ve been doing select fatal errors that can kill a good associate program and today’s blog #3 of 13: Failure to have your associate’s best interest at heart.

You’ve heard that people care how much you know, until they know how much you care, right? That’s particularly true about doctors and especially true about chiropractors. People want their doctor to care about them.

It’s also true about associates. Your associate has hopes and dreams like the rest of us. And one of the reasons that they work for you is to improve their chances of reaching those goals. They want to believe that you have their best interest, or best good, close to the top of your mind. Build a system they can succeed in and then train and cheer them on to personal and professional success.

“Hey, Noel. I hired my associate to do work. I outline the work, I pay them and we’re fine if they do the work. Isn’t that a fair exchange?”

Maybe, but if you’re working hard and you have a long row to hoe, you want to know that at least one reason my director wants me on this project has to do with developing me as a successful chiropractor.

Example: Your associate needs to produce their own new patients, but they struggle with marketing. They schedule a screening at a local festival. Twenty minutes into the event, they see your smiling face coming to help them screen for an hour or two. They pick up some tips from you and you tell them to go get lunch while you hold down the fort. When they come back, you’ve got two new patients – for them. At your regular training, you fine tune their screening script that you heard first hand at the festival.

Example: Monday morning your director pulls into the clinic and reads you the riot act because of how poorly you did at the screening. “How am I suppose to go on vacation with THESE numbers?” The disapproval is palpitate. The associate knows where they are in the directors mind – labor, and nothing more.

Thirty years ago I told my associate, Craig Tuttle, that I wanted him to beat all my personal records, such as high day, high week and so on. He told me that he planned to and we both laughed – and he did.

What do you think Craig has had to say about my associate program? That’s right, still recommend me as a boss and mentor. Why? I had his interest right up their next to mine in a true win-win associate program.

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