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External Marketing Strategies That Rock!

External Marketing Strategies That Rock!


Yeah, 16 new patients in one week.

Wow. That’s fine.

Yeah, that was amazing.

And so have you had an opportunity to later connect with one of those people that you referred into the office?

I know that I’ve connected with some of the people that have come into the office, and I’ll be like, “Hey, how’s it going? “How has care been for you?” And just the smile on their faces tells me everything I need to know.

Why do you like the job of COA?

Because I get to help people and I’m their first form of contact, so I get to let them know, like, “Hey, I think we can help you. “So we need you to come into the office, “so we can show you that this is possible.”

You got your training at the New Patient Academy, didn’t you?

Absolutely, yes.

Okay, and so you started training there with Doctor George and then you have the resources that the New Patient Academy has provided.


Can you tell people some of the resources that the New Patient Academy has provided you?

Yeah, the New Patient Academy has provided me with scripts.

They’ve provided me with objection handling that I would never even have thought in a million years how to handle. Right.

They have provided me with all of the resources I need to go out and into the community to do like walk-ins and to do events. Just to be successful all around.

Great and so I know that your Clinic Director is thrilled with your work and she’s thrilled with the results, so let’s talk to another Clinic Director, somebody who’s considering joining the New Patient Academy, somebody who wants to bring in a COA. What would you say to that Clinic Director?

That you gotta do it. Like, if you want to be a successful practice,

You need to go through the the New Patient Academy to do that because it’s going to set your Community Outreach Assistant up for success. Otherwise, you’re just going to be flailing your arms all over the place, not really knowing what to do, and you’re not going to be successful.

I think you’re right.

It’s as easy at that. Can you tell me how being a COA in Doctor Cramer’s office has helped the Associate doctors?

Oh, yes, absolutely. So, with the amount of people that I’m able to bring in, those new patients, they don’t go to Doctor Cramer anymore. She’s built up her practice. They go to Doctor Hanselman and Doctor Fox, so all of that energy that I’m exerting and putting into booking these events, these patients they get to see, and they get to recruit into the office. And so, it’s building up their practice.

So, Doctor Cramer loves it, Doctor Hanselman loves it, and Doctor Fox loves it, and you love it. Sounds like a pretty good testimony right there, doesn’t it?

Yup, it sure does.

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