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The EXACT Thing To Do NEXT

The EXACT Thing To Do NEXT



Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Through the end of December and into January our team has been working hard to put together our Foundations of Success Seminar Live Training. We did that in Seattle, did that in Chicago and we’ve just completed that.

We had over 200 great doctors and CA’s with us. Phyllis Frase taught the CA’s and the reviews were great. Dr. George, Dr. Leah, and I taught and here’s what we came up with. We want to lay a foundation for a tremendous practice, lay a foundation for a best ever year in practice in 2017. What does that actually mean?

We work hard on our philosophy, had a lot of fun things with chiropractic philosophy. Increase our faith confidence and belief in our philosophy and in chiropractic.

We worked on our practice vision and we worked hard to get a crystal, clear picture of what we want to build and what we want to see and what we want to be a part of and the doctors are sharing those visions with their staff. Recruiting their hearts and their minds to the best vision for chiropractic in their community that they can. We also worked on goals and then we worked on Day 1 and Day 2.

Now, this is my theory, this is my experience. If I could take a chiropractor who’s philosophy is in good shape, doesn’t have to be perfect but good shape, and if I can help him or her with their practice vision so that they can see clearly the practice they want to build. We pick some realistic, attainable but also challenging and exciting goals then, then what I want to do is take that person and help them tune up their Day 1.

Now I think there are 15 steps to a Day 1. Having to do with the greeting of the CA of the brand new patient on Day 1, the way that the doctor on boards the patient into the practice, gets them clinically processed and pampered and proves to the patient they’re in the right place. Then take a beautiful Day 2 where the doctor explains chiropractic well in a report of findings, the doctor explains chiropractic philosophy and then care schedule and starts the patient.

Now if you get a sharp Day 1 and a sharp Day 2 and a chiropractor has good philosophy, good vision, good goals, whoa that’s a beautiful foundation to work with. All we need to do now is drop as many new patients as we possibly can on that practice. We’ll go through some growing pains, but I have seen people add 25, 50, 100, 200 patient visits a week just following that simple formula.

Coming out of Foundations, I challenged everybody in Five Star Management to work on philosophy, work on your vision, work on your goals, and share that with your team. I challenged my doctors and CA’s to work together to perfect a tight, beautifully crafted Day 1 and Day 2 where we handle all the patients issues.

Then in a very, very short period of time we’re going to meet together and we’re going to talk about new patients because if you decorate that practice with philosophy, with vision, with goals, and you have your beautiful Day 1 and Day 2, you’re going to want to have some company aren’t you? That’s where the new patients comes in.

By the way if you’re taking a look at this video right now, you just noticed over on that side over there, there’s a little box that says that you can register for the Too Many New Patients seminar.

We would love to have you join us to work on too many new patients. Not enough people under chiropractic care. Too many people sick, suffering, literally dying everyday because of a lack of chiropractic care.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd excited about the foundation that we’re building on because I know this stuff works!

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