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Ever Been Held Hostage by a Staff Raise?

Ever Been Held Hostage by a Staff Raise?


Hey guys, this is Dr. George Birnbach and I’ve been answering a lot of staff questions and a lot of doctor questions lately about some really interesting topics. Here’s one that came up just the other day where a staff member comes to the doctor, whether it’s at a marketing event or just in the course of a normal week and says, ‘Hey Doc, I’ve been given a job offer by another chiropractic office and they willing to pay me a dollar or more per hour, are you willing to match that money?’

Well, if your first reaction is to match that offer, you’re setting the stage for non-stop drama inside of your team. You’re going to be building a culture between you and your staff of fear, resentment and anxiety. The top three reasons staff will choose to leave a position are, number one, they’re not happy. They’re not happy with the culture or the management style and in other words, they’re not happy about coming and working in that environment. This is truly a recognition, appreciation and happiness issue.

Number two is logistics. They might need more income in their family or less of a drive between where they live and where they work and some of these you can address and some you don’t stand a chance at addressing and third they don’t see growth opportunities for themselves personally or professionally and they may be getting bored or burnt out so instead of taking it personally, what’s a better way to have the conversation? Well, slow the conversation down. First, get the details on the offer. What is the offer? Why do they find it so valuable? Get specifics on the actual dollar amounts or the benefits they’re being offered, this staff person still works with you and they have a relationship with you so, go ahead and ask the question, you see?

Second, I always like to ask why would you like to leave, anyway? Is there something in the culture of the office that you’re not thrilled with? What would make this position more fun for you?
Third never show frustration, It’s not personal. The fact is people have lives outside the clinic and sometimes they should or need to move on. Instead, compare their job performance, their history with you, against the wages you pay, the wages you’re being asked to pay and the normal range for that job. They may already be at the top end or above the top end of this position in any other office and just because someone else is willing to overpay for that work doesn’t mean you should get caught up in that blender, you see?

Then, after this evaluation if you decide to counteroffer, go ahead, but remember no matter what happens don’t burn bridges and if they decide to leave it’s not always a slight against you or your clinic. Staff changes can be fearful at first and many times if our office is humming along or running smoothly we don’t want to change anything, but many times that new team member that you’re going to hire as a replacement will bring in new enthusiasm, new joy and new skills to that position and to your entire team and that’s a pretty good thing.
So, take this information, use it to stabilize, streamline and expand your chiropractic office, move onward and upward.

My name is Dr. George Birnbach and remember any time you go through a change like this is a great time to check your hiring system and get really clear on the best way to onboard your new team member.

I’ll talk to you all real soon, bye.

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