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Empower Your Associate to Succeed!



Clinic Owner Interview

 Philip Kogler: Dr. Philip Kogler, Tukwila, Washington.

 Noel Lloyd: And so, now, you have an associate that’s in the Associate Empowerment Project, which is a Five Star Management thing. Tell me from a clinic director’s standpoint, how has it been for you to have her in the program?

 Philip Kogler: Amazing. Nothing short of amazing. She has literally taken the proverbial bull by the horns. She’s checking in with me, doing all the assignments that’s been given to her, and she’s just lighting things on fire right now. She’s doing amazing.

 Noel Lloyd: So she’s been with you for how long?

 Philip Kogler: Since January 19th.

 Noel Lloyd: So January 19th, here we are, so she’s been with you for less than a month.

 Philip Kogler: A month today.

 Noel Lloyd: A month today.

Philip Kogler: Today.

Noel Lloyd: Okay and so some of the things that she’s done and some of the projects she’s been given, can you tell me a couple of things she’s done that you are really proud of her for?

 Philip Kogler: Well, if nothing else, just setting up the events. That’s the big thing.

 Noel Lloyd: When you say events, what do you mean?

 Philip Kogler: She’s setting up screenings, she’s setting up massage events on her own. She told me, she set one up on her way here after talking to you with one of the coaching calls or the Tuesday morning call. She just did that on her way here, called somebody up, yeah we can do it, it’s like nicely done! And she’s doing actually, compared to what I did in my associateship in another office, which we did not do the Associate Empowerment Project, what’s she’s doing is just amazing.

 Noel Lloyd: And so she’s bringing in new patients?

 Philip Kogler: Absolutely. Yes.

Noel Lloyd: Okay and so she’s building her practice next to yours, as well as helping you build yours.

 Philip Kogler: Yes.

 Noel Lloyd: Okay, and so how many new patients has she brought in, in a month?

 Philip Kogler: Already, umm right about 12 already. Easily 12.

 Noel Lloyd: And she has her practice, which is producing income for you clinic, what’s her busiest week in practice?

 Philip Kogler: Actually this week. As far as numbers wise, this week she is already scheduled to see 18.

 Noel Lloyd: Okay, and so, your break-even point on paying your associate would be a little bit less than 18?

Philip Kogler: It’s 14.

 Noel Lloyd: Right now, 1 month into her associateship, because of the AEP and what’s she’s learning, she’s actually making more money for you than she’s costing.

Philip Kogler: Yeah.

Noel Lloyd: Okay so that’s the good part for you. How does she feel about what we’ve taken her through, and how we push her, and all the things we require of her?

Philip Kogler: I asked her that just the other day and she’s been very happy with the process. Every week, she’s like, “I’ve learned so much already,” and that was my concern. I wanted her to not feel stagnant, She took a huge chance coming here. Not only from a different clinic, but from a different state. Successful practice where she left and I wanted to make sure she came into a situation where she was going to benefit from it and not just sit idle-that’s why I did this. She’s been having a good time, she’s been enjoying, she’s learning a lot.

Noel Lloyd: So, now this is your very first associate. You wanted to make sure you did it right, so that’s some of the reason you and I talked and I recommended the AEP. And would you do it again?

Philip Kogler: Absolutely. In fact, I look forward to doing it again.

Noel Lloyd: Well I think that’s great. First of all, I think, I’m thrilled with the results you’re getting. You’ve got a good associate and she’s really taking to the program and so your experience, fortunately, has been like 80, 90 % of the guys and girls in the program with us, so thanks so much for giving the interview. What would you say to somebody who’s considering putting a associate in the AEP?

Philip Kogler: Don’t hesitate. Just do it. It’s worth everything. It’s worth your practice to do it.

Associate Interview

Noel Lloyd: So tell me who you are and where you practice.

 Kendra Buchholz: I’m Dr. Kendra Buchholz and I practice at Interburban Chiropractic in Tukwila.

 Noel Lloyd: So you’re an associate here, am I correct?

 Kendra Buchholz: I am, yup.

 Noel Lloyd: And you’ve been an associate for how long?

 Kendra Buchholz: I’ve been an associate here for 6-weeks now, coming from a previous practice and associate there for 5 years.

Noel Lloyd: Okay, great. And you are also in the Associate Empowerment Project. So, people who are listening to us, tell us what that is.

 Kendra Buchholz: It’s a program, basically it’s an 8-week program where I’m working with you and you’re helping us to become better, empowered associates as far as what we are doing on a day in the office and outside bringing patients in.

 Noel Lloyd: And some of the things we’ve asked you to do, you’ve just mentioned, like go out and get patients. So you’ve been doing that, have you been successful in getting your own new patients?

Kendra Buchholz: Yeah, it has been successful. I’ve been doing 2 events about and I think I have 4 scheduled next week so bringing patients in, getting them to come in as my own patients because I’m going out and getting them, and transferring them over into care through the clinic.

 Noel Lloyd: And so, what else have we worked on in the AEP?

 Kendra Buchholz: Wording to kinda help yourself to be confident and portray the message. Get patients in, explain chiropractic to them so everything from marketing to how to explain chiropractic to how to transfer them over into good care patients.

Noel Lloyd: Now I’ll tell you that your clinic director is thrilled with your progress and thinks that you are doing wonderfully. And he likes the AEP, but I ask a lot of you in that program.

Kendra Buchholz: Yes you do. I was actually up at 6am this morning reading a book.

Noel Lloyd: Oh that’s great, that’s super! Now let me ask you, has it been a good experience?

Kendra Buchholz: It has been, yeah, it has.

Noel Lloyd: And so what are some of the things you feel empowered, if it’s an empowerment program you better feel empowered. What are some of the things you feel empowered to do, you may not have before?

Kendra Buchholz: You always bring back our philosophy, our vision, and our goals so you’re getting our foundation so that empowers you through that. I’m empowered to go out and get patients and nobody likes to get on the phone and do the pitch and shovel work as you say, so you empower us to get out there and do it with motivation and things week to week.

Noel Lloyd: So do you see yourself, after the Associate Empowerment Project, is over, being able to grow your practice faster, get to bonus faster, and be a more successful chiropractor?

Kendra Buchholz: Yep, definitely.

Noel Lloyd: Okay, so some of the tools you believe you’ll take with you from the AEP are?

 Kendra Buchholz: Confidence. Getting out there. I’ve developed a lot of relationships in the community already because of all the work I’ve done, so continuing to call places that have been fruitful for both of us and continuing with everything I’ve learned as far as getting out there and bringing people in.

Noel Lloyd: Now, if an associate is listening to this and watching you on this video and they are a little bit nervous about maybe doing the AEP or they’re excited about it. What would you say to that prospective associate who might be enrolled in the program?

Kendra Buchholz: I would say everything worth doing is challenging, so it’s been a good experience. I mean you get a little overwhelmed at times when everything gets put on your plate, but then you get to work and do it. And so it’s been a good program because I feel like I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot and it’s nice to have someone to push you a little bit to get out of your comfort zone.

Noel Lloyd: Well super! Now, I’ll tell you, and I haven’t mentioned, I haven’t given a bunch of feedback on the program, but you’re doing very well in the program. It’s really interesting. We’ve got a really good crop of people pushing this time. Don’t you kinda get the sense?

Kendra Buchholz: Yeah, I feel it’s a good group, yeah.

 Noel Lloyd: So speak to me just a little bit about the power of the group. How has being in a group like that, even though people are all over the country, been helpful?

Kendra Buchholz: It’s been interesting because we’ve never met each other but we hear each other every week and so you get to know peoples voices and names, and hear their experiences, so it’s helpful sometimes to hear that someone else it out there doing all the work that you’re doing and you’re not in it alone. Everyone’s kinda growing together and you can hear now from week 1 to week 6 now that people are more confident in getting our there and seeing the results come back in.

Noel Lloyd: Now, I’ve been really really pleased with that. Also, have you ever felt that you have to do this work because I’m part of a group and I don’t want to let the group down?

 Kendra Buchholz: Yeah, because I know that, everyone knows that someone else is accountable as well, so if you decide that you don’t want to do it one week, somebody else did it, so you push yourself a little further so you stay up to speed with the group.

Noel Lloyd: Okay great. Well I think that you’re doing a perfect job, well not perfect, but a great job.

Kendra Buchholz: Thanks.

Noel Lloyd: Everybody could push a little bit harder, right?

 Kendra Buchholz: Yeah.

 Noel Lloyd: And I’m really really pleased and I forecast for you that you’re going to be incredibly successful and take all these empowerment things away from the AEP, and go onto greater heights, so thanks for doing this!

 Kendra Buchholz: Thanks, I appreciate it!

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