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Don’t Ask, Just Do!

Don’t Ask, Just Do!

Trafalgar SquareWe got kicked out of Trafalgar Square in London on Friday. George and I were videoing a short promo for Five Star and a warden – that’s what it said on her badge – told us we had to have a permit to do a video. “What about that man videoing his kids?” I said. She said “That’s different.” Not sure why, but we moved across the street and completed the shot. I actually liked what I consider the badge of honor of having been told to leave. Besides, we already had the shot we wanted.

The whole encounter reminds me of one of my favorite sayings “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” In other words, don’t worry – just go for it. You’ll get a lot more done.

It also reminded me of some rogue spinal screenings we’ve done – setting up a SAM event where their were people that needed to know about chiropractic, but no special permit or permission. We screened on a busy public street one time. Hey, we’re the public, right? We thought that we might run into a little trouble, but we just went for it.

It felt like when we were kids ringing the neighbors’ doorbell and running or throwing snowballs at cars – exciting and a bit risky, but not hurtful. We met a few great new patients and packed up an hour later with no incident.

The guy or girl who gives others the power to rule over their actions or is worried about what people think and is always looking for permission from someone or something outside themselves is too scared to have any fun or break free. That reminds me of another favorite saying – “No risk, no reward, no exception.”

Break free. Go for it. 




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