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Day 1 Leadership Secret

Day 1 Leadership Secret


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Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Don’t you just love it when a patient pays close attention to what you ask them to do, then does what you ask them to do, and get results, then they’re grateful, and they spread the word about Chiropractic?

In this short video, I’m going to give you a great tool for establishing your leadership from the very, very start to have a low stress and highly effective relationship with all of your patients.

We all love the patient that listens carefully to what we tell them to do, does what we ask them to do, and gets great results. We are all frustrated by the patient that doesn’t seem to follow our leadership, but maybe you aren’t providing the leadership that they need to follow on Day 1 and you really miss a very, very important piece of the doctor-patient relationship.

Here’s a tool that we use at Five Star for establishing that. It’s called a Home Care Sheet. At the end of the first appointment, I’m going to stand with the patient and I’m going to go over the Home Care Sheet and I’m going to be a leader. I’m going to be very, very directive. I’m going to tell them if I want them to go home instead of back to work. I’m going to tell them if I want them to ice or use some other home therapy and I’m going to be very, very directive.

Now, I filled out one of these Home Care Sheets for a gentleman and he was a little bit grudging because he wasn’t used to having people tell him what he should do. About 4, 5, 6 visits into his chiropractic care plan, when he’s starting to feel a lot better, he pulled out his wallet and in his things was a folded up Home Care Sheet. I said, “You keep your Home Care Sheet with you?” and he said, “Yeah, you seemed to think it was pretty important and I’ve still been doing the things here and I think it’s one of the reasons why I’m doing better.”

I have had so many different instances where patients have commented on the fact that I have supplied the leadership from the very start by pulling out a Home Care Sheet, marking it up, being very directive about what I want the patient to do. Now, I’ve also noticed that when I didn’t use the Home Care Sheet, when we sat in the report of findings, that was the first time I was acting as a real leader for that particular patient and sometimes we didn’t click well.

In order to click well, take your Home Care Sheet, mark out exactly what you want the patient to do, be very, very directive, when they show up on the next visit use the check in question, “Did you use the ice like I asked you to? Did you go right to bed last night like I asked you to? Did you avoid that soft, squishy sofa or recliner like I asked you to?” That’s a little check on your leadership.

You know, it’s all about love and lead. If we love the patient we’ll lead them. If we lead them, they know that we love them.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, use your Home Care Sheet, I know it helps.

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