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Philip Kriss “I’ve been with Five Star on-and-off since 1988. That’s a quarter of a century! You’d think I’d know it all by now and not need a coach. In fact, I’d thought that myself and quit Five Star – a couple of times.

“HOWEVER, after a recent absence and with my practice stats down, I ran the numbers and noticed a trend. Here it is:

“When I’m with Five Star my practice grows and prospers. This depends, of course, on me doing as I’m coached and having the right attitude.

“I also noticed that when I have a bad, apathetic, complaining, whining attitude, or I don’t have a coach, my practice goes down! Conclusion? Get back to Five Star.

“Part of the Five Star magic is staying associated with the right people heading in the same direction you want to go.

“Another part of the Five Star experience is the mastermind with the other successful Five Star clients that I’m privileged to know.

“I continue to learn from Dr. Lloyd who seems to have a gift for pointing out the next thing I need to do and getting me excited about it.

“I’m excited that after 30-years my practice continues to grow. I’m busy helping people, having fun and relatively stress-free! Not to mention that I make excellent money and save a lot of it. The complete Five Star experience has sent my practice and my life over the top.”

Phil Kriss, Maple Valley, WA

“My practice had become stagnant, stressful and we weren’t growing. I joined Five Star in August of 2009 and started making minor changes in my procedures. My practice started being fun again. Practice management is only as good as its results and last month, I enjoyed my best month in a very long time and have less overhead. Even in this economy we are on track to have our “Best Ever Year” and I Love IT! Thank you, Noel!
– Patrick Lowe, DC, Louisville KY
“I’m in my third year with Five Star and I am well on my way to my third ‘Best Year Ever’ in a row! In my first nine months with Five Star I grew just over triple my entire previous year. I actually doubled in my first month! My second year saw another 50 percent in growth. This year is solidly on pace to be again about another 40 percent in growth. Thanks for all of the advise, tools, motivation, and ideas!”
– Dr. Andrew J. Limle, Cincinnati, OH
“Hiring Noel Lloyd and joining Five Star Management is one of the smartest things I have ever done in practice. I already had a successful multi-doctor practice, but recognized that growing competition and cut-backs in reimbursement required creative thinking and a better approach. Five Star has given me just that. The seminars are packed with information, and the coaching is fantastic. We are already seeing an increase in our PVA and stress level is considerably less.”
– Dr. Steve Shirley, Spokane, WA
“I talked to a few friends in my technique that had been happy with Five Star. They told me Five Star had integrity and really understood the upper cervical doctor. I decided to talk with Dr. Lloyd and share with him what my goals were. He told me he thought it was very doable so I signed up. With Five Star my practice has grown to new levels in patient visits, production and collections. Dr. Lloyd has not only helped me grow professionally, but also personally.”
– Dr. Craig Lapenski, Kent, WA
“I can’t say enough about what Five Star and Dr. Noel Lloyd have taught me. It is not an exaggeration to say that they have not only changed my practice, but changed my life as well. I am literally and without a doubt a different person today as a result of Five Star.”
– Dr. Salima Manji, Toronto, ON
“I was frustrated; I simply could not hire an associate who would work out! After a particularly nasty and very expensive associate disaster, I was despairing of ever finding the right DC to join me in my practice. About that time, a good friend recommended Dr. Lloyd’s associate program, ‘The Million Dollar Associate!’ I immediately signed up. After the first day I told Noel, ‘If I were to leave now, I would have gotten more than my money’s worth out of this seminar.'”
– Dr. Peri Dwyer, Tallahassee, FL
“Dr. Lloyd and I started immediately on opening my own practice. I’ve been open since Nov. 3, 2003, less than four months now, and we already hit the 150 visits a week and will be at 200 visits a week by April 29, 2004.”
– Dr. Michael Golab, San Antonio, TX
“I doubled my practice three weeks after my first Five Star seminar! More than hitting goals and having the practice of my dreams, the fear I was consumed with is gone and I wake up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose and energy. For the younger docs in practice, remember this: Even the worse day in practice is better than anything else the world has to offer.”
– Dr. Dennis Nowack, Beaverton, OR
“I graduated from Sherman College at the ripe old age of 23. I was pretty scared. Luckily, I started my chiropractic career as an associate of Dr. Michael Lenarz. I was trained with the Five Star principles and procedures from the very first day. Within six months of graduation I was the clinic director in our first satellite practice. My training is paying off. Our best week is over 400 visits and we are on pace to collect over $800,000 this year.”
– Dr. Chris Wolff, Seattle WA
“I had the intention of attending a Five Star weekend session, gleaning what info I could and hitting the bricks with some helpful ideas. I was blown away and became a client two days later.”
– Dr. Mark Jones, Spokane, WA
“I wanted a more fulfilling practice. The satisfaction and excitement I had dreamed of and heard about was not my experience. I felt stuck. So I attended my first Five Star. What did I have to lose? What I found was amazing.”
– Dr. Steve Glass, Spokane, WA
“The results in nine months have been incredible. By simply changing a few things and implementing a few more, our practice has doubled since January and expect it to triple by the summer!”
-Dr. Michael Wagner and his wife Angela, Silverdale, WA
“In our 12th week open in a brand new practice we saw 239 patients and have averaged 200 patients a week for the past five weeks. We’ve been open now for four months and one week. I’ve deposited over $51,000 in the bank.”
-Dr. Marc Ferrin, Sequim, WA
“I called Noel Lloyd just to check out Five Star and he challenged me to increase my practice by 25 visits a week my first month as a new Five Star client. I took the challenge, signed up with Five Star and called Noel for some action steps. Well, I got the action steps from Dr. Lloyd and put them to work that night. I had 28 new patient sign ups before 7 p.m.!
-Dr. Bodie Dorrance, Henderson, NC
“In my first year my production increased by $200,000, and that’s not even the best part. Without any fee increases I have continued to grow by AN ADDITIONAL $100,000 to $200,000 EACH year! But here’s the best part. I’ve got Noel Lloyd as my coach. He’s been there with great advice every step of the way. With the help I’ve received from Five Star and Noel, I’m continuing to grow, learn and have fun in practice. I expect next year will be another ‘Best Ever Year.'”
– Dr. John R. Zrelak of Chicago, IL