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2 Ways to Win at New Patient Marketing

2 Ways to Win at New Patient Marketing!

Marketing can be a challenge, but with this powerful marketing tool and empowering attitude, you will come out on top. Listen in to hear what you need to do to amp up your marketing and make 2016 a marketing success in your clinic!

My Favorite New Patient Secret

My FAVORITE New Patient Secret!

Are you looking for a new way of bringing in New Patients? Well, Dr. Lloyd wants to share his favorite New Patient technique with you. Find out how you can bring in NP referrals, get your staff and patients excited, and spread the message of Chiropractic!

Ramp Up Your Marketing Mojo

Ramp Up Your Marketing MOJO

Do you find yourself frustrated or down about your marketing? Do you ever feel like your enthusiasm and passion are at a low and you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of that rough patch? Dr. Lloyd has a tip for you that can turn your enthusiasm on and bring back your energy and passion for Chiropractic. Want to find out the tip that can ramp up your marketing MOJO, then listen on.

Super Organized New Patient Tools & Strategy

New Patient Tools & Strategy

Do you spend zero to one hour a week on organized marketing and you are struggling to get new patients? Well, there is a relationship between these two and you can fix it with a simple, yet extremely effective tool. Don’t just learn about it, but start implementing it today. Find out how!