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full-waiting-roomI’m very excited after teaching High Volume, Low Stress in Chicago last weekend. At every Five Star seminar we bring 40% new material. Thanks to Dr. George Birnbach for his amazing work and great presentation. I truly believe George is one of the best presenters I’ve had the pleasure to hear in all of chiropractic AND he has great content.

Additional thanks to Dr. Leah Meadows who took us through her insightful presentation on open adjusting power hours. Both George and Leah were highly rated on our seminar evaluations.

My approach to this seminar was brand new as well. Here’s how I approached High Volume, Low Stress:

Why do people get stuck at certain practice levels? Some offices find 360 visits a week feeling like a game. Other offices find 60 visits a week exhausting. BY THE WAY, both offices have smart, ethical chiropractors with committed CAs who love chiropractic. So why is it so easy for one and so hard for the other?

Is it just new patients? No. How many times have we heard of the DC who brought in a mob of new patients from a great event, saw their numbers bump up, only to have them crash back down to their old volume just 2-4 weeks later?

So what IS the problem? It’s capacity. Example: You can’t pour a gallon into a quart container. Some doctors’ beliefs, skills, procedures and facilities are too small to handle a larger practice. When you try to stuff an additional 10-20 new patients in that practice, the pressure created by clumsy procedures makes higher volume too uncomfortable for doctor, staff and patients. Subconsciously everyone works to bring the practice into balance with small practice procedures.

At the same time, practices with a large capacity can see 60 patients in one day and have it feel like a cake walk. At the end of the day, the doctor says, “We weren’t that busy today, were we? I had tons of time on my hands.”

NOW, this point is worth the blog right here: If you’re doing anything close to max capacity, you’re in stress and looking for a rest or relief. BUT, if you’re doing something that you love, AND have room for 40%, 50% or 75% more, you innately are looking for more.

Example: FSM client #1 started Five Star at 60 visits a week. One by one, we’ve worked through his action blocks over the last 5 years and he says that 260 is easier than his old capacity of 60.

Example: FSM client #2 moved his practice into a new office with a better layout and more care stations while at the same time started marketing and experienced a 219% increase in May of this year over last. “Noel, I can’t believe it. We’re doing over twice the volume and it’s half the work!”

NOW, let’s find your capacity blocks and deal with them using fun procedures you, your staff and your patients will love. Call Five Star at 800-224-4876.


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