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CA Training Agenda for Retention Seminar

CA Training Agenda for Retention Seminar




Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and what I’m going to share with you today allowed me to build 10, high-volume, high profit practices and sell them to tremendous associates. I’ve never done a video on it before; you won’t want to miss this.

So over the years, I built 10 practices and sold them all to my associates and one of the reasons that I could do that is because I always had great teams. Five Star Management clients would sometimes come into Seattle and they’d visit my different practices without me and what they would say without except is “you have a wonderful team.”

Well, I hired well, but my real secret and I’ve never shared this before, is that I would insist that my CA’s go to Five Star Management seminars and partake of the CA training. Now, we would train in the office but I would also bring in wonderful CA trainers that would work with us over the years. Currently and for the last 5 or 6 years, a wonderful young woman has worked with us and her name is Phyllis Frase. Many of you know her.

Now Phyllis, among all of the other things that she’s doing right now is working for Five Star as our CA trainer. I was talking with Phyllis on the phone the other day and we were putting together the agenda for Retention Seminar that we’re doing. These are my notes, by the way you can hit the little expand to full screen box down in the lower right hand corner and take a peak at this, so I had just put together about 9 things.

What we end up with is a dozen things that she’s going to teach CA’s. Now, do you want to have everybody on the same page? Do you want to have people understand your vision and support you? Do you want to have people get it? I mean how can your patients get it if your CA’s don’t get it? So, this is what Phyllis will cover with your CA’s and I’m going to do some CA training as well.

Chiropractic philosophy. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful when your CA’s get, understand, believe in, and support your philosophy as much as you do? You bet it is! How to find and fix retention leaks, handling finances and block booking or cluster booking. How to administrate 1st adjustment calls, kept appointment percentage, three phases chart. Being able to have a three phases chart, which you’ve probably seen if you’ve seen any of my videos, and have a CA trained on how to explain that to patients.

How to handle common objections. There are times when a CA will get an objection and if they don’t know how to handle the objection, you could lose the patient. We’re going to do objection handling and training. Administrative birthday card program, inactive patient recall. Go back into the list and reactivate patients. Running patient appreciation events, explain and enroll patients in a wellness care plan.

You’re busy, you’re taking care of lots of patients and John here, you’ve talked to him about enrolling in your wellness plan, you’ll be able to walk up, pass him off to a trained CA who enroll him in a wellness plan. How cool is that? And then have a written and ongoing retention plan.

Don’t try to do this all by yourself. You’re a busy, fulltime chiropractor; you have to take care of the marketing, you do so many different things. Don’t be the only trainer in the mix. It’s so much better when you pull the team together with a combination of trainers and Phyllis is one of the best on the planet.

Go to if you’re not there already. If you’re there already the box is over here on the right and click the button. It’s a $49 seminar. 10 hours of CA training, that’s less than $5 an hour for training. It’s a great event. If you’ve already registered and you’re not bringing your CA’s, get them on board. Show them this video, show them some of the other things we have at Five Star.

Show up. Let’s get everybody on the same page. Let’s have teams that support our vision, they support our goals, they support our philosophy and we work together. It’s a much, much more fun way to do it.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, for DC’s and CA’s everywhere because I know this works.


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