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"I wanted to start a family, but was afraid of the impact to my practice. Dr. Lloyd's Win Win Associate program was a God send! I was able to have 2 great maternity leaves PLUS really vacations AND have my practice grow. Every busy successful chiropractor needs to hear about Win Win Associates. And especially if you're thinking of having children."

Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter

“I’ve been with Five Star with Noel as my coach for over 20 years with last year being another best ever year. Dr. Lloyd helped me from practice launch, through 5 maternity leaves, hiring associates, and always willing to help me with any issue I had."

Dr. Brian Morris

“Five star has been an absolute game changer for our practice and our personal life. Our practice has grown, we've moved to a new building and everything has exploded big time. We have been so happy with all of the coaching with year by year record growth 7 years in a row!”

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Over the past 35 years, we have made a name for ourselves as the go-to business coaches for ambitious chiropractors like you with GOOD intentions.

You want to have a bigger impact for yourself AND those around you.

But you also need to escape the golden handcuffs that see you tied to your busy practice, buckling under an unsustainable trajectory with no foreseeable way out.

Our approach to business coaching is proudly unique to you, your practice, and your circumstances—no gimmicks in sight.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Noel Lloyd

Five Star Founder, a chiropractor with 52 years of experience & published author

My first interaction with a chiropractor happened when I was only 5 years old. I fell off the monkey bars, suffered a concussion, and stayed sick on and off for a year. As a last resort, my dad booked me in for an adjustment with a local practitioner. While chiropractors were still somewhat unknown at the time, this one gave my dad ‘his son back’ and made a lasting impression on me.

Some years later, a conversation with my dad, who never gave advice, made me realise that becoming a chiropractor was agreat way to earn a living while having genuine impact. I was only 11 at the time, but had my career path mapped out.

Once I graduated as a chiropractor at 22 years old, it wasn’t long before I built a huge practice—until a serious ski accident made it impossible to practice.

Rather than close down and give up, I decided to stay involved in the profession, and developed over 70 highly profitable young associates who would eventually take my place.

Along the way, I built and sold 10 highly successful clinics to these young doctors, and developed my proven WIN-WIN Associate Model that’s helped thousands of chiropractors go from burned-out and overwhelmed to confident and thriving on all levels.

What I love doing most is strategizing and problem-solving with Five Star clients toward their own version of success.

Hi, I’m Dr. George Birnbach

Five Star Coach & a chiropractor with 34 years of experience.

When my military service with the US Marines came to an end in the early 90s, I suffered from severe headaches. A friend
suggested seeing a chiropractor, and the rest is history.

The headaches were gone for good, and I enrolled in chiropractic school where I met my wife—who also became my business partner.

What started with 1 practice and 2 associates, quickly turned into 5 successful practices all over the US with countless
associates and 7-figure results—among them the largest Seattle practice with a 10-month waitlist at the time.

I have a magazine ad to thank for my chance encounter with Dr. Noel Lloyd back in 2001. We had just opened our second practice, and our marketing wasn’t gaining momentum. I jumped on a plane to attend Noel’s in-person seminar in Seattle, and became a Five Star client the next day.

In 2006, I switched sides, and have gone above and beyond as a chiropractic business coach for Five Star clients ever since. I’m
known as the ‘systems guy’ who always has a solution up my sleeve, no matter how challenging the obstacle.

Dr. Steve Jones - Louisville, KY

"Five Star has been wonderful. We've grown by over 500% by adding 2 great associates PLUS I've had more free time off to enjoy my success than I had thought possible."

Dr. Pat Lowe - Louisville, KY

"The first thing Five Star helped me with was new patients, then hiring and developing my first associate, then my second, third, and fourth. We have experienced 500% growth with Five Star."

Drs. Pat and Dani Lin - Cedar Park, TX

"Five Star helped us open our practice right out of school. Doing what Noel taught us, we were busy and profitable in the very first month. In just a couple of years we've added a successful associate, bought our own building, and collected just shy of $1M."

Dr. Christy Flick - Plano, TX

"Five Star has taken my practice from stagnant and plateaued to constantly bringing in new patients and moving again so we can continue to see new patients. On top of that, I'm having fun in practice again. For that I am forever grateful."


successful clients


of profit-generating associates trained


successful practices built and sold


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practice owner & associate lives changed for the better

Embedded in your chiropractic family

Expanding your business alongside fellow ambitious chiropractors all ready to dream BIGGER sees you learn not only from your coaches but from your peers.

Stepping away from

The old, broken associate model short-changes both practice owners and associates. We’re teaching anew, proven approach that’s a WIN-WIN for both.

Accessible when you need us most

Working with Five Star means you have access to your team of coaches when new obstacles come up or existing problems unfold—by text, email or via a phone chat.

Grow your practice with Five Star

We help our thriving community of new and seasoned chiropractors to start, grow and scale the practice and lifestyle of their dreams.

Our proven WIN-WIN Associate Model has empowered thousands of inspiring practitioners to master the process of finding, hiring, onboarding AND LEADING associates
for their own SUCCESSFUL ‘practice within a practice’.

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